Droga In Prada

The new lifestyle rag, WSJ Magazine, decided to dress David Droga up and pretend that it’s 1963. Which might have been fine if the attending article had any substance to it. Here’s the best that the writer can get from the ad man: This is not survival of the fittest–it’s mutation of the species that […]

Want to Get Off The Grid? Say Yee-Haw

Last night at Gallery Stokes in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Bradley, the proprietor of Yee-Haw Industries, a printmaking studio in Knoxville that operates old school–completely custom, hand-pressed posters, invitations and the like. Kevin’s work shows up in Print’s Regional Design Annual quite a bit, and some ad agencies use him to […]

When Used Wisely, Words Are Powerful.

Since when are taglines the most horrid part of already bad advertising? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know I’m looking at two lines that are in contention for AdPulp’s new “Crap on a Stick” award. Wal-Mart — Save Money. Live Better. Sears — Life. Well Spent. Yes, yes, I get […]

We Read Blogs For Their Unvarnished Truths

Where’s My Jetpack? reached 1500 blog posts and used that occasion to wax philosophical. I sometimes see this blog as a burden, as have the authors of many of my favorite reads in recent years, disappearing without a word or sometimes announcing the end with finality… But whenever I entertain the notion of quitting this […]

Radio Free Lexington Needs 200 Large To Spread The Jams

[Brought to you by The Society for Better Listening (a figment of AdPulp’s imagination)]

Allstate Too Applies The Heat

Question: Did Bobby Bowden, Florida State and the NCAA approve this ad? Question: Where’s the 1-800 number to place an order for one of these grills? Question: Why are the dudes in blue using an opposing team’s grill? Here’s what we do know: The one-of-a-kind Bobby Bowden replica grill featured in the spot is part […]

Brands To Benefit From The Vaynerchuk Touch

The ad world better recognize. VaynerMedia is on the job. If you think I’m joking, consider that Gary Vaynerchuk has rocked the wine industry to its snooty core in the bat of an eye. According to The New York Times, VaynerMedia is a marketing agency with a small list of high-profile clients like the New […]

Are PR Firms Hiring Ad Creatives?

From across the pond at Major Players, a marketing recruiting firm, comes an interesting trend: More PR firms looking for creatives and planners from the ad world. Major Players’ Head of PR, Lorraine Barker, explains: To keep from being drowned out in an increasingly crowded media space, PR agencies are evolving. Creative Directors are being […]

Advertising Hurt By 15.4% Reduction In Client Spending

[source: “Breaking Down The Advertising Apocalypse” from Silicon Alley Insider]

Animated Gourds Tell Seasonal Story

Colle+McVoy is out with new work for Caribou Coffee today. The campaign stars a wisecracking pumpkin and dimwitted gourd in “The Autumn Adventures of Jack & Gourdo.” The spots, five in all, are playing on Caribou Coffee’s YouTube channel. Colle+McVoy collaborated with Minneapolis-based Puny Entertainment, the animation team behind the hit Nickelodeon show Yo Gabba […]