Today In Twitterverse: Sponsored Tweets Spawn Utter Outrage

We live in a sponsored culture. Such is life on the Western frontier. Yet, this fact still has the power to unnerve. Take my friend Spike Jones. The man works in an identity firm that strives to present its clients in the most authentic light possible. So Sponsored Tweets rubs him all wrong. Here’s what […]

Headline Writing Exercize: Tim’s Cascade Style Unsalted Chips

Editor’s note: Recently we embarked on a spec ad experiment for Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips. I supplied some copy, but so did several readers. You might say we’re crowdsourcing the copy. Whatever you call it, I’d like to continue and see if we can build a campaign together. So here’s the next installment–jump in […]

Buy The Disc, Get The Mag

Ad creep has now made its way to compact discs. When Mariah Carey’s new release Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel drops on Sept. 15, it will include a 34-page Elle magazine insert that includes lifestyle ads from Elizabeth Arden, Angel Champagne, Carmen Steffens, Le Métier de Beauté and the Bahamas Board of Tourism. According to […]

North Uses Manual Business Cards For The Win

I recently dropped in on North, the Portland agency formerly known as Johnson Sheen. Austin Ramsland and Rebecca Armstrong were kind enough to pour me a Deschutes and show me around their renovated space in industrial NW. Mid-tour we stepped into the mailroom and I noticed the open boxes of business cards sitting there. Austin […]

Banner Ads Get Savvier

I couldn’t help notice this banner ad for Zaxby’s, a chain of fast-food restaurants here in the Southeast. While the banner rotates to explain a particular promotion, the right side stays interactive. It not only tells you about the promotion, it gives you interactive options–send to a friend, friend the brand on Facebook, etc–all straight […]

Palm’s Pre Is Dreamy

According to Ad Age reporter Andrew Hampp, Gary Koepke, co-founder and executive creative director at Modernista!, loves that some people are creeped out by his agency’s ads for Sprint’s Palm Pre. In related news, Palm is entering into two branded-entertainment partnerships. First up is an exclusive sponsorship of “Bollywood Hero,” a three-part musical miniseries premiering […]

Good Enough Rarely Is

Tenfold Collective in Longmont, Colorado is out with a new self-promo campaign that pokes and prods potential customers in a friendly but serious way. “As a design firm that works with small businesses and non-profits, we often encounter clients who aren’t happy with their logo, web site, or brochure,” says Josh Emrich, principal in the […]

Original Reporting And The Law of Diminishing Returns

Ian Shapira, a reporter at The Washington Post has written a great piece on the tenuous relationship between mainstream news organizations like the Post and new media vultures like Gawker. At first Shapira was excited that Gawker picked up one of his stories, but after a confrontation with his editor at the Post who said […]

What Kind of Ad Hating Ad Man, a.k.a. Arrogant Bastard, Wrote This Copy?

For many brands, especially beer brands, it’s important to have attitude. In the craft beer world, I’ll argue it’s just as important that one’s beer (more so than one’s brand) has attitude. For if the beer has its attitude right, the brand will naturally fall in line. That’s the story with Arrogant Bastard from Stone […]

I Don’t Know Much, But I Know This Spot Is Bizarre

One of these dudes has a tear in his eye as he sings. This is one of the strangest executions of the “At Company X, we love what we do” concept I’ve seen in a long time. It’s either just a little too serious to be tongue-in-cheek, or just a little too tongue-in-cheek to be […]