Today In Twitterverse: Enjoy The Buzz While It Lasts

Cody Brown, a Rails developer, online publisher and student at NYU, has some interesting analysis of Twitter to share on his blog. Twitter and Myspace are different companies in different markets but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that they share, and will always share, the exact same problem. MySpace and Twitter are […]

Why Give It To All For Free, When Hardcore Fans Will Pay?

News Corp. lost $203 million in the latest quarter due to a huge writedown at MySpace. But that’s not going to get the old man down. Not at all. A day after that bad news hit, Rupert Murdoch is making new news by saying News Corp. is ready to start charging for online content at […]

I Wonder If Shaq Has A Problem With “The Shack”

According to Eleftheria Parpis of Adweek: This 15-second commercial is one of 12 new TV ads to begin running nationally as part of the Fort Worth, Texas-based retailer’s ambitious effort from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners in Sausalito, Calif., to rebrand itself, at least informally in its marketing materials, with the shorter, presumably friendlier nickname. […]

Holding Companies Fish In Microsoft’s Waters

According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is entertaining competing bids for Razorfish, the digital ad firm it acquired and now wants to offload. Publicis bid between $500 million and $600 million for Razorfish, and Dentsu made a higher offer, according to people familiar with the bidding. A key negotiating point has been the buyer’s […]

Here Come The Quants

A new article in Fortune spotlights the new power that analytics is gaining in advertising: Unearthing a coherent story out of a pile of numbers was exactly the quantative marketing challenge that BF Goodrich faced when, in 2006, it solicited help from the Martin Agency, a creative shop based in Richmond, Va. Like most agencies, […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Coinstar, et al

Publicis In the West is Seattle’s biggest agency. They have over 200 employees, one of whom is Chief Creative Officer, Bob Moore, formerly of Wieden + Kennedy and Fallon. According to its Web site, the French-owned shop doing business in Seattle makes over 50 TV spots a year for T-Mobile. Moore is leading the charge […]

Busting Rhymes Over Someone Else’s Beat Ain’t ‘it

I know interns have a lot to learn, but damn…

Microsoft’s Response: Go To Hell Google

Google Apps–a more economical option than Microsoft Office–is turning to an interesting out-of-home execution to promote its suite of products to business owners and IT managers. The company has bought billboards in four key locations: the 101 in San Francisco, the West Side Hwy in New York, the Ike in Chicago, and Mass Pike in […]

The NFL Cleans Up

According to The Wall Street Journal, sports leagues around the country are inking some offbeat deals as they hunt for new sources of ad dollars, particularly to replace financial-services firms and auto makers. Hence, the new $10 million a year relationship between P&G and the National Football League. The multi-year pact, which P&G says is […]

One Of The Hardest Jobs In America Today: Online Ad Sales

Advertising in online social spaces is a bust. You can blame it on the economy, but there’s a better reason–people are resistant to advertising in general, but much more so in media environments that they actually control. The Wall Street Journal looks at how the reality of this is now playing out. Slide Inc. which […]