With Tuition Where It Is, Who Can Afford An Apple?

When I was in college (admittedly in the last century) I knew people who stayed up all night in order to ace, or pass, their Bio Chem exam. I stayed up late too, for beer pong takes lots of practice. But that’s not how college students roll today. Nope. When Crispin Porter comes calling with […]

How To Drink Australian

The iconic “How to Speak Australian” campaign originally created in 1994 by Agnotti, Thomas, Hedge and last seen on air in 2006 is back care of Digitas/Chicago. The agency shot seven :15 spots, the first three of which launch this week.

Nevada Says, “We’re Men, Not Monkeys.”

In an effort to draw businesses to the Silver State, Nevada Development Authority is on the offensive against its neighbor to the west. Alana Semuels of Los Angeles Times reports: California has battled such negative perceptions for years. But its huge consumer base, great weather and dynamic entrepreneurial culture have kept many businesses anchored here. […]

Want To See A Real Social Network In Action? Here You Go…

Melinda Newman of the Washington Post wrote an insightful piece on Jam Bands, and how they do business. This is how it begins: Marc Brownstein is fretful. The Disco Biscuits bassist has 4,992 friends on his Facebook page. If he adds eight more, the social networking site’s regulations dictate that his friend page must become […]

Wherever You Go, There You Advertise

The website of Portland’s Rosey Awards takes a few jabs at the culture and creative output of other cities around the country. All in jest, but there are some nuggets of truth in the jabs. So, in today’s connect-from-anywhere world, can you really do great advertising from anywhere? Despite the rise of chain restaurants and […]

Media Deathmatch Du Jour: Michael Wolff Vs. Mark Cuban

Rich guy, Mark Cuban, believes news sites ought to block aggregators from “pointing to” their content. The major news sites are keeping the aggregators that don’t originate news content alive. From Drudge Report on down. You (Murdoch) are crazy to do so. Let the search engines send you traffic. Block the rest. Your revenue impact […]

Finally, A Car For Vinyl Loving Control Freaks

Even in less that perfect weather, t’s a beautiful day for a drive when you own a new Crossover 3008 from Peugeot. When I first saw this spot, I thought the audio was from Radiohead, but it’s not. The song is called “Beautiful Day,” and it’s performed by a group from Belgium called Venus. Agency: […]

JetBlue Is Going Places And At This Price You Can Too

Price promotions are always popular, but this is especially true when cash and credit is in short supply. So, I expect JetBlue to do exceptionally well via this new offer. JetBlue customers can purchase an unlimited travel pass for only $599, which will allow them to visit any of the airline’s 56 international and domestic […]

Making Entrepreneurialism A Healthy Endeavor

Like everyone else, I’ve been viewing this health insurance debate through the lens of my own experience. Having moved 7 times to 5 states in 12 years, and having both full-time jobs and freelance ones, I am completely convinced that at the very least, health insurance and employment shouldn’t be tied together as they currently […]

What’s Old Is New Again

Quaker City Mercantile (the Philadelphia agency formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) has been busy reinvigorating the Narragansett Beer brand. Given the brand’s rich history in New England, it made sense to mine the archives and that’s what QCM did. Using original ‘Gansett commercials from the 1950s that featured husband and wife comedy duo Mike Nichols […]