The Economy Is Much More Than Numbers. LIkewise The Economist.

Cinema advertising is a good venue for stretching the brand’s voice. The Economist is certainly stretching its well trained voice here with the help of tight rope artist Florent Blondeau. The ad is meant to be a metaphor for the pleasure one derives from connecting different ideas, something the magazine is particularly good at doing.

Even Spammers Are Getting News-Savvy

This e-mail slipped past my spam filter this morning: I do appreciate it when marketers, no matter how low on the respect totem pole, capitalize on news events in a relevant way. It shows someone is paying attention. And wills are an important thing to have if you’ve got a lot of cash or a […]

Canadian Kids Put Milk Goggles On

Toronto’s Head Gear Animation and Due North Communications have completed three 3D cinema spots for Dairy Farmers of Canada. Here’s one: The spots are currently playing in Cineplex theatres throughout Ontario and the Maritime Provinces along with the trailers before screenings of Ice Age 3D.

Breakdancing and Evian: The 80’s Are Back

Everyone loves babies who do adult-like (or teen-like, in this case) things, right? Well, the 80’s were good to Evian water and I suppose the brand is hoping 80’s nostalgia will help them out. From Brandweek: Evian is hoping for a viral hit on the Web to launch the campaign in the U.S. It is […]

I Hate People: Read This Book When No One’s Looking

Books about being a wage slave in corporate America are nothing new. But I know a whole lot of unemployed people would be perfectly happy to be one again. So I think the timing may be unfortunate for Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon’s “I Hate People: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at […]

Burn Strong

Congrats to the big man, David Burn, and his new bride Darby. They sure know how to throw a hell of a party, too. I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. We’ll have more juicy AdPulp in the next few days…so stay tuned.

Happy 4th

Greetings from Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park. The AdPulp Gang (David and I, with Shawn here in spirit) is here in nearby Ashford celebrating a wonderful occasion–as well as America’s Independence Day. Have a great weekend and we’ll be back soon.

Great Ideas, Personality And Passion Is What Sells

Mark Wnek, chairman-chief creative officer of Lowe, New York, claims in Ad Age that he’s not a great presenter, but that he has passion for the work and that’s what’s needed in a creative leader. I have a confession to make: I’m a rotten presenter. When I think about the creative directors whom I most […]

Current TV TwitteRFP Stalls Because Some Things Never Change

News broke on Adweek yesterday that the Current Media agency review, first announced via Twitter, has been put on hold and that the person who initiated the review, Jordan Kretchmer, has left Current. From Adweek: When reached via e-mail, [New SVP of Marketing Michael] Streefland acknowledged the pause in the review, indicating that Current executives […]

But Wait, There Really Is More: Lessons From Billy Mays

What can advertising pros learn from the dear departed Billy Mays? I had a few thoughts, like this one: Make a promise, not an overpromise. Sure, the yelling and selling makes it seem like the product being hawked will save your life, but actually, the promises made in most infomercials are much more mundane. You’ll […]