You Can Control Your Data, Or Be Controlled By It

Ernie Schenck’s column in the current print edition of Communication Arts is called “Creativity Interruptus.” In the piece Schenck details the difficulty he has concentrating in a world full of digital distractions. Schenck says, “It’s mind-popping, all the stuff that’s just waiting inside that T1 line, just chomping at the bit, aching to get inside […]

With Its Agency RFP, Zappos Steps In It

I have no personal interest in the Zappos RFP like I did with the Current TV one, but Mike Wolfsohn of Ignited does. He says Zappos didn’t spend much time with his agency’s response: We submitted our response online in the form of a blog. It gave us the opportunity to have lots of contributors […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Olio United

Portland is home to lots of eco-enterprises, including several notable companies in the fashion realm like Olio United. Olio United’s mission is to carry products that are aesthetically inspiring and beneficial to people’s lives, from the maker of the product to the consumer. When Olio needed some messaging that would boldly tell the story of […]

Minneapolis Tries To Heat Up Again

A new website, MinneADpolis, will try to get clients and prospective employees buzzing about the famously creative city again. From The New York Times: “Honestly, you get sick of seeing all the work handed to New York and the coasts,” said Keith Wolf, partner and chief creative officer at Modern Climate, the new name as […]

Bono and Edge Leave Their iPhones at Home

Visit for more info on the brand’s integration with Ireland’s most popular rock band. Agency: Arc Worldwide, Chicago Director: Alex Courtes of Partizan

Driving A Passat Will Make You Happy, Even If The Rest Of Your World Is Falling To Pieces

Few industries need positive thinking as much as the auto makers of the world, so I can see why this spot got approved and produced. Agency: DDB, London Director: Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks

Limited Supply And Great Prices On The Hush Hush

I’m intrigued by this Wall Street Journal report that online fashion retailers are turning to “private sales” to boost revenue. The companies, including Gilt Groupe, RueLaLa and HauteLook, have built a following with virally marketed, daily “members only” sales of limited merchandise. Short, intense sales — often just 36 hours — along with constant updates […]

See Plaid Dance

It’s summertime and if you work at Plaid you know what that means. Roadtrip! PlaidNation is “a rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action.” The agency self-promo tour, now in its third year, is also an opportunity to send “Blogging Superstars” a free t-shirt (and few things get a Blogging […]

Resistance Is Kind Of A Weird Angle For Booze Advertising

Making gin is something chemists do. It’s complicated, like life itself. This alchemical twist is brought to life in a new W+K Amsterdam spot for Diageo’s gin brand, Tanqueray. David Kiefaber of Brand Freak doesn’t care for the urbane sophistication portrayed in the ad. He says it has a “smarmy, young Hugh Hefner vibe to […]

Want To Piss Off The Gods? Fine, Have It Your Way

Burger King seems to be having lots of trouble with its overseas ads. The Huffington Post explains: The ad, which appeared in Spain, shows the goddess Lakshmi sitting above a beef burger. The ‘Texican Whopper’ is an affront to Hindu sensitivities in its own right – it includes an all-beef patty, a beef chilli-con-carne slice, […]