Diller Disses “Internet Approach to Advertising”

The Web properties belonging to Barry Diller’s Interactive Corporation received 835 million visits across its network in April from roughly 194 million uniques. IAC is a company rolling in page views, serving huge audiences and yet they struggle to figure out how to make money. Here’s an excerpt from a Paid Content interview that touches […]

AOL Buys Two Hyperlocal Hotties

Hyperlocal news site, Patch, and Going, a soc net where friends share their entertainment schedules, are now part of the reinvented AOL. “Local remains one of the most disaggregated experiences on the Web today — there’s a lot of information out there but simply no way for consumers to find it quickly and easily,” said […]

Joke of the Day: Obama Is Anti-Business

I don’t think of the Chamber of Commerce as a political organization, but I’m clearly out of touch. According to The Wall Street Journal: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said it will spend $100 million in an effort to stem the “rapidly growing influence of government over private-sector activity,” in a major new move by […]

Reznor Points His Nail Gun At Social Media

Trent Reznor is stepping out of the social media tar pit. The problem with really getting engaged in a community is getting through the clutter and noise. In a closed environment like nin.com a lot of this can be moderated away, or code can be implemented to make it more difficult for troublemakers to persist. […]

The Path To Empathy

If you believe talking heads on TV, empathy is a bad thing for a Supreme Court justice to have. It’s a must-have to be good in advertising: In advertising agencies, empathy–in this case, the ability to understand an audience–is a skill, just like Photoshop prowess. It needs to be learned and honed for effective marketing. […]

World, Meet Quaker City Mercantile. QCM, World.

Philadelphia creative, Steve Grasse, is always up to something big. It’s just the way the guy works. His latest BIG IDEA entails moving to the country and making things with his hands. “The go-go excesses of the millennium is over,” Grasse said. “Now America needs to get back to fundamentals–hard work, brilliant inventions, and the […]

Mother Launches A Pirate Ship

The bad boy wins again, care of Stella Artois. [via AdFreak]

Dark Comedy Sketches Work To Modernize ’80s Vodka Brand

Zach Galifianakis, Tim and Eric in Absolut Zach (Part One) from Zach Galifianakis The New York Times Sunday Magazine ran a feature on comedian Zach Galifianakis a couple weeks ago. In the piece, author John Wray mentions the Absolut Vodka “ads” Galifianakis did. The resulting three sketches, made in collaboration with the absurdist comedy duo […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 15th In A Series

Venables Bell has good intentions. Something incredible happens when you actively work to do right by people. You become utterly unafraid. Unafraid to have messy conversations. Unafraid to advocate unpopular stances. Unafraid to upend applecarts. Unafraid to hit reset buttons. Unafraid to simply be open and willing. This fearlessness also leads to disagreement. Lively debate. […]

Instant Pretension Nescafe Doesn’t Do

In the face of Starbuck’s new Via instant coffee brand, Taster’s Choice from Nescafe has chosen to attack from their well fortified position. According to Ad Age, Nescafe spokeswoman Pamela Krebs said, “There are other competitors who charge much more for a similar-quality coffee, and we would like to encourage people to prove for themselves […]