Running The Numbers

Invesp Consulting spent eight months perfecting their blog rank algorithm. I’m glad they put so much thought into it, because AdPulp is ranked in the top ten and I like that. Why does any of this matter? It doesn’t. Unless, we’re pitching a potential advertiser. Potential advertisers like to know things like “AdPulp is the […]

Alice Sends You The Goods, a new e-commerce site, is trying to put a dent into those weekly trips to Target or Wal-Mart. BusinessWeek has more: Instead of buying the goods from manufacturers, marking up the price to make a profit, and then selling them–the traditional retail model–Alice makes no money on the sale of the goods. The manufacturer […]

I Am 100% Serious About This Lack of Seriousness

I don’t know what digital work Lars Bastholm and crew are recognizing with a Lion at Cannes this week. But I do know a site that deserves an award. Big time! is not only strategically on point, it’s executed beautifully. Let me share some of the site’s pithy copy (and advice for Social Media […]

Want To Learn About Yourself? Get To Work.

Peter D. Kramer is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Brown University. Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Karmer observes how work and one’s work environment shapes one’s world. The observations are obvious, but I like the way the professor describes things. When it functions well, the office teaches all of us when to stand […]

You Are Hope

Ads for the Church of Scientology are airing now on the Food Network and three dozen other cable channels, according to Brand Freak. For a church with high profile connections to image makers in Hollyweird, it’s not surprising to see a commercial like this, one that could easily be refitted to sell shoes, insurance or […]

Tossing Digital And Traditional In The Air

Ad Age asked Zach Canfield, Director of Talent at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, what the hardest position is to fill today. Here’s his answer: I’m constantly looking for people who have experience in all different media, not just print and TV, or not just interactive. Interactive is still new enough that there aren’t a lot […]

Go Ugly

As I sit here staring at my sleek new iPhone 3GS, I’m thinking about the design sensibility that led Apple to ditch a keypad altogether for the simplicity of a touchscreen. Makes it a little more difficult to type but certainly helps the design. Product developer, John Edson writes on Fast Company why ugly products […]

Content Wears No Crown

Faris Yakob, chief technology strategist at McCann Erickson in New York just dethroned the King. I’m thinking it must take an agitated Englishman to do that… As the economics of cultural production continue to be radically decentralised, as more ‘consumers’ become ‘producers’ of content, content monetisation comes under the renewed threat of free. It’s economically […]

Cut The Crap

Spike Jones of Brains on Fire has been having a reaction to all the bullshit he encounters day-to-day in online communities where marketing people drone on about all sorts of mundane, barely digestible topics. Watching the Twitter stream on a daily basis, I see link after link after link teaching us how to be better […]

Rich Silverstein Picks Off Year To Bike Cannes

According to SHOOT, Rich Silverstein of Goodby Silverstein & Partners is making his first trek to Cannes. Up until this year, he limited his annual attendance to this part of the world to cycling’s Tour de France. An avid cyclist, Silverstein said he finally relented when it came to turning out for the Cannes Fest. […]