The Right SUV for the Times

When your client wins an industry award and wants to tell everyone about it, it can be a hellish assignment because sane people tend to not like chest beating ads. Thankfully, Subaru and its agency didn’t fall into that trap here.

Surrender to the Machine

Is there a formula for success in the content business? Some people think so and are out to prove their thinking works. According to The Wall Street Journal, Demand Media, run by former MySpace Chairman Richard Rosenblatt, has spent the past three years refining a set of algorithms that it uses as a guide for […]

Boxes Are For Breaking Out Of

I don’t know if this is the best way to sell a new Audi Q5, but it might generate some decent click through.

It’s Colorado’s Turn To Pull The Hood Back On Meth Use

Learn more about the Colorado Meth Project.

Silicon, Money & Rock ‘n’ Roll

By now, we’ve all heard the “Intel inside” audio cue about a million times. It’s deeply lodged. Now, a new brand campaign from Venables Bell & Partners takes us inside Intel. Adfreak mentions that Ajay Bhatt, who helped develop the USB, is portrayed by an actor in the “Rock Star” ad above, but I’m not […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in downtown Portland could have said something typical here, but they didn’t. Which makes me think staying in one of their four properties must also be a unique experience.

Simon Casts His Stone

Senator John Kerry conducted a hearing today on the state of newspapers in this country. One of the men called to testify was David Simon, a former police beat reporter at the Baltimore Sun and creator of the award-winning HBO series The Wire. Democracy Now has the entire transcript (and video) of Simon’s damning testimony. […]

Picture It

Adobe has some expensive software they’d like to sell you. To help convince you to buy, Adobe commissioned a short. Cisma’s “Le Sens Propre” from glossy inc on Vimeo. “Le Sens Propre” is part of Goodby’s “Shortcut to Brilliant” campaign for the graphics company.

From “Best Job” To Best Of Show

The Best of Show at this year’s One Show went to CumminsNitro in Australia for their work seen at The Best Job in the World, a website designed to promote Tourism Queensland. Adweek has more: The campaign invited the public to apply for the “Best job in the world,” a six-month blogging assignment from a […]

Social Networking Is A Beginning, Not An End

Kent J. Lewis, President of Portland-based SEO firms Anvil Media and Formic Media, posed a great question on LinkedIn today. I believe there is an inverse theorem to Moore’s Law, that states “the quality and value of long-term relationships is inversely related to the size of your social media network. In other words, the more […]