Turn Left For The Right Wine

I’m not a fan of outdoor advertising (because of its intrusive posture on the landscape), but every once in a while I see something that I like. Like this: This particular site is quite familiar to me, as Andy at Portland’s Blackbird Wine Shop parks his classic vehicle that doubles as a directional sign on […]

Today In Twitterverse: Emo Joe

Emo Joe explains why Twitter makes sense to him. No longer am I bound by the crushing social psychosis unleashed by millions of glittering and obtrusive MySpace profiles. No longer must I yield to those insipid Facebook pokes, quizzes and 25 random things. No longer will I be confronted by another invasive and unbecoming photo […]

Domino’s Takes Bad Eggs Off The Menu

Spotlight On NW Creative: Pinball Publishing

Pinball Publishing is not your everyday printer. For one, the business is housed in a bright yellow building in an industrial section of SE Portland. So from the point of contact, you know something different is afoot. To see what’s different about PP’s work, they’ve lovingly installed several of their recent jobs on the company […]

Post Shredded Wheat Celebrates Its Sameness

Post internal research has found that Americans are looking for messages that provide assurance and security. “There’s been a marked change in American values, with a greater desire for honesty, trustworthiness, and security during a time of economic and societal uncertainly,” said Kelley Peters, Director of Integrated Insights and Strategy for Post Foods. Thankfully, the […]

Magazine Ads Lose Some Perfume

Print ads, like TV, exist at the very heart of the advertising enterprise. Hence, seeing their numbers decline sharply is an ugly indicator. According to Publishers Information Bureau data released late Tuesday, magazine advertising pages fell almost 26 percent in the first quarter. “We are currently in the middle of a period of steep deterioration […]

CBS Tries On Transmedia Storytelling

Harper’s Island is a new TV show from CBS that airs tonight at 10:00 pm. Harper’s Globe is the show’s fancy web component. “This is a different show for us. This is a home-run swing,” said Kelly Kahl, senior executive VP at CBS. By offering fully baked storylines for TV and the web, the network […]

I Got Your News Right Here

Designers have their own Digg. It’s called Design Float and carries aggregated news in graphic design, web design, identity and branding, illustration and other associated categories. Design Float has more than 6500 members who are able to submit and vote content up or down. According to the LA Times, community supported niche aggregators are sprouting […]

BK’s Tex-Mex A Bit Too Spicy For Some

The Mexican Ambassador to Spain called the ad above offensive to Mexicans and damaging to the country’s image. I wonder how much BK paid him to say that. [via Ad Age]

All Together Now: Build Brands And Move Product

Point of sale might as well be called “point of no return,” because the majority of purchase decisions are made in the aisle at retail. Yet, the creative at point of sale has traditionally been weak. A fact which has led traditional ad agencies to hold their noses high in disgust. But that’s changing as […]