There Are Cash Registers In The Brave New World

Paul Isakson is in the branded utility camp. So am I, but allow me to point out the most important word in the passage below: As an industry, we have to stop just looking for ways to “build brands” through messaging and start looking for ways to actually help people have better days and build […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Paisley Penguins

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is opening its all-new, $6.5 million Humboldt penguin exhibit on May 2nd. Modeled after a natural refuge in Punta San Juan in Peru, the 17,0000-square-foot exhibit offers rocky pools, crashing waves and beaches, dramatic underwater viewing and enhanced educational opportunities. The sustainably-built exhibit also will help reduce waste through green technology […]

Steffan’s Curiously Strong Copy

One of the great things about Steffan Postaer and other top practitioners in the ad biz endeavoring to share on blogs is the series of spontaneous tutorials in “How To Make It In This Business” they periodically (and instinctively) make available. Postaer just offered one on the process he brings to writing ad copy: When […]

Coke and P&G Say “Jump”

Coca-Cola and P&G are rewriting the rules of agency compensation. According to Ad Age, Coke disclosed its plans at the Association of National Advertisers Financial Management Conference in Phoenix last week, saying it wanted to nudge the industry into adopting value-based models as a standard practice. Under its new model, Coke will determine the value […]

Someone’s Been Watching Coraline

New spot from Doner and Psyop for the UPS Store:

Children of the Social, Cast Your Eyes Upon This

Calling All Auditors

Lately, I’ve been wondering if anyone performs brand audits. It seems like it would be an important step to take, but I never heard of one taking place and I don’t know anyone who performs them. Of course, that could be a reflection of my unconnectedness. Or it could be that very few brand managers […]

The Last Time Swine Flu Was Here, Advertising Was There!

These spots clearly need updating. And a companion microsite. Swine Flu smells like awards!

Brands In The Social Media Suck Hole

A lot of people are looking to social media advertising to perform (myself included). And a lot of people are starting to question whether in fact it does, or ever will, perform. Hotel consutlant, Michael Hraba, is questioning. I think a lot of hotels that set up a (Facebook) page, have absolutely *ZERO* idea how […]

The AdPulp Twitterview: @jeffdachis

The Future of Advertising. WTF? View more presentations from David Armano. Hearing about the future of advertising is getting kind of old. Maybe it’s just oversaturated me, but that’s how it feels sometimes. So, when Jeffrey Dachis, founder of Razorfish and serial entrepreneur, tweeted about his new colleague’s Power Point above, I balked a little. […]