You May Be Standing In A Soup Line, But AT&T Is Investing In America

There’s a new cause in America and the cause is us. We’re bigger than all the NRAs, Greenpeaces, and PETAs combined. We’re Americans and we need help. Which is why AT&T is Investing In America, with a little help from BBDO/New York. The telcom is putting billions of dollars into network infrastructure, creating high-tech jobs […]

Story Matters At AMC

According to The Wall Street Journal, AMC’s cinematic vision for TV is now supported by a new tagline, “Story Matters Here,” (although you wouldn’t know it from the following clip). AMC–home to Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Broken Trail–is fast becoming the free HBO. Yet, from a marketing perspective, the cable channel still has work […]

How Dare They Package Air

Whole Paycheck has gone too far this time. Look what’s on special today: Somebody better do something.

Someone’s Going To Hell For This Award-Winning Scam Ad

Award show in the Middle East + Religious Imagery + Fake ad = Probably not a very good idea. From Campaign Magazine: The Dubai Lynx has removed all of FP7 Doha’s winning work for Samsung from its website following a request by the Korean electronics company. The move has been made in response to the […]