Ad Sites In The Top Tenth of One Percent of All Sites On the Web

The AdAge 150 rankings are imperfect. There are way more than 150 sites (too much data) and the formula used is too arcane, at least for my incredibly biased tastes. Also, every site under the marketing sun is listed there, including SEO sites, consultant’s self-promo sites, social media sites and so on. So here’s another […]

Disembodied Heads Don’t Say Much

Editor’s Note: The following Ad Age story that I reference here was not found on an aggregator. Rather, I read it in Ad Age’s printed edition. Our content is aggregated by others. In general, we don’t have a problem with it because we want to reach people we might not otherwise reach. The thought is […]

Tropicana’s CEO Needs To Stop Drinking The Arnell Kool-Aid

Look, I know agency folks love to gripe about clients. It’s a push-pull relationship where both agency and client often work at cross-purposes. But agencies should strive to express some level of gratitude and dedication to the clients they serve. Particularly in public forums. Clients deserve that. And this Newsweek article about Peter Arnell, who […]

When Members of the Digerati Tire of All the Web 2.0 Bullshit, What’s Next?

Wieden’s digital ninja, Renny Gleeson is not impressed with the shallow work being done by Axe and Skittles online. Actually, “not impressed” is much too weak a description. Let’s look at the source material, shall we? So now Axe’s BBH tries to go all web metafilter for their new site, following on the heels of […]

No Beer Drinkers Were Injured During The Making of Amstel’s Mouth Watering Viral

[via our friends at 180 Amsterdam]

Today In Twitterverse: Nanoblogging

The Magic Is In The Doing

I’m a big beliver in the more you do the more you can do. Look at Alex Bogusky–diet book author, bicyclist and transportation activist. Wieden + Kennedy partner, John Jay, is another ad industry mogul who finds time for other meaningful pursuits. Recently Jay had some interesting things to say about creativity in the digital […]

Ten Minus Six

Crain Communications’ Creativity is now a quarterly, down from 10 printed issues a year. Yet editor Teressa Iezzi says, “We are the architects of our own evolution.” I’m sorry, but print editors don’t draw up their own demolition. She also says, “has in its relatively short life become the industry’s leading creative hub.” According […]

Sex and Candy

A candy named Fling? No this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. It’s a new product from Mars–its first new candy brand since Twix was introduced nearly 20 years ago. According to Ad Age, Mars’ Fling will likely compete head to head with Hershey’s Bliss, an updated, up-market Kiss, aimed squarely at women. Where Fling will […]

Heartland Humor

Union Bank, with branches in Nebraska and Kansas, went with the old “you can talk to us, we’re your community bank” strategy, but thankfully the execution of that strategy by Swanson Russell is pretty fresh. I especially like the blogger character talking about his blog. That’s funny.