Micromedia Is Mega

Niche Web Sites Buck Media Struggles is a pretty provocative headline at a time like this, when content companies of all shapes and sizes seek profitability. According to The Wall Street Journal, SB Nation, Seeking Alpha and HealthCentral Network, which create and aggregate content about topics like sports, business and health, are recording sharp gains […]

LinkedIn Is Serious

Abbey Klaassen at Ad Age notes that LinkedIn is well positioned to capitalize on the downturn in the economy. The professional networking site hit 36 million members last Monday and is adding them at a rate of about one member per second. According to ComScore, it’s gone from about 3.6 million unique monthly visitors a […]

Do You Like Your Skittles Mashed?

The new Skittles.com launched last week and left the self-absorption of their own website behind to focus on the social networking aspects of the Web. The new homepage offers a widget navigation element positioned over a Twitter.com page showing real-time Tweets referencing Skittles. “Product” pages pull in content from Wikipedia, “Media” pulls in Flickr and […]

Christina Aguilera And The Sweet Smell of Israel

Fans of pop music might expect Christina to air her laundry in public. Instead the pop diva hung her hangers in public, as part of an experiential marketing stunt to drive interest in her new perfume. Mizbala of Tel-Aviv placed tens of thousands of quality clothes hangers, with a perfume sample and a branded Christina […]

Mark Penn Thinks We Can’t Build A Road

Yeah, I’m admittedly no fan of Mark Penn, a former advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign, but in this Wall Street Journal editorial, he is kinda sorta somewhat concerned about the plight of the “Creative Class” and other white-collar jobs in this economy: We are totally unprepared for this new phenomenon. We have safety nets […]

Ebony And Ivory, Living Together In Commercial Harmony

The increasing trend of multiple ethnicities appearing together in commercials gets a closer look in this AP story: It wasn’t always like this. For much of the past century, “minorities were either invisible in mainstream media, or handed negative roles that generally had them in a subservient position,” says Jerome Williams, a professor of advertising […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Nauseating Smarminess

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb is saying what many of us are thinking about Facebook these days. …Ownership of content, not the lack of input on policy, was what people were upset about. Facebook appears to forget that it’s just one of many ways people use the internet. It’s wildly popular today, but just as people […]

Subscribe For The Full Story

The Wall Street Journal has a copy of an internal memo sent by Steven Swartz, the president of Hearst newspapers. In the memo he says Hearst newspapers will begin to charge for online content. “Exactly how much paid content to hold back from our free sites will be a judgment call made daily by our […]

Crispin Hires Coen Brothers To Mock Coal Industry Rhetoric

See the spot.

Design Is At The Very Heart of Green

I’d like to see our industry help groups like NRDC, Sierra Club, Greenpeace and others become more expert in their use of media. After all, persuasion is key to their ability to raise operational funds and wage successful campaigns. According to Creative Review, Greenpeace UK turned to Airside Design for their anti-Heathrow expansion efforts. From […]