Burger Replaces Apple As Object of Original Sin

So Good brings us this image of Padma Lakshmi, host of Top Chef. If you look carefully, you’ll see she is about to lovingly bite into a burger. Starting this month, Lakshmi is promoting Hardee’s Bacon Western Thickburger in a commercial directed by Chris Applebaum, who memorably brought a babe and a Carl’s Jr. burger […]

Today In Twitterverse: Danny G’s Pocket Change

Score one for the home team.

Can Brands Be Here Now? They Need To Be.

On her site Conversation Agent, Valeria Maltoni says our brains love novelty. That we are built to notice all that is different and new, a fact which keeps us moving on to higher, better ground – whatever that may be. She then righty asserts that it’s hard to retain readers’ attention, customers’ spending habits and […]

Travel Bug Leaves It’s Mark

Jim Sykora, executive creative director at Moroch, the Dallas agency behind the new work for Travel Channel says, “We wanted to build more than a campaign, we wanted a platform that would permeate the network.” I think “platform” is the wrong word here, but “Travel Bug” as a “concept” and “Catch It” as a tag […]

Rain On Me

Yesterday, I contributed 10 posts about Portland’s creative scene to The Portland Egotist, a temporary takeover of The Denver Egotist. It was a fun exercise for me. I wanted the special section to be an overview of the city, not the ultimate or final word. Yet, a couple Egotist readers made it known that I […]

I Like A Car Campaign That’s Called A “Movement”

Have you noticed how consumer generated media and sales promotions are now best friends forever? To take part in Ford’s Fiesta Movement, upload a 2-5 minute video to YouTube, tag it “fiestamovement” then sumbit the YouTube URL to fiestamovement.com by midnight March 23, 2009. Here’s the promo’s Twitter page.

Yet Another Facebook Story: Brands Are People Too

Facebook made a lot of noise yesterday, announcing structural changes to the site that will be unveiled next week. Erick Schonfeld and Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, both addressed the updates in store for FB users. Schonfeld says: One of the biggest changes is that Facebook is getting rid of the distinction between private profiles and […]

Credit Card Copy

I am Generation Forward. I look not backward, but forward. I reject the selfish ways of the past. The environment, the economy, our very security… they’re the consequences of people not thinking about consequences. The world I’m inheriting makes me different. I’m not afraid of what might happen, but energized by what could happen. For […]

Self-Realization In Tough Times

Serial entrepreneur, Jason Calacanis, is a character I’d like to have lunch with. He talks straight and straight talk is what we need more of in this politically correct, “we’re all winners” culture. Writing about the entrepreneur’s innate fortitude in BusinessWeek, he says: You see, there are two types of entrepreneurs in this world: real […]

Pittsburgh’s Condiment King Issues A Crown

[via Jackie Huba and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]