WK/Santiago Has A Nice Ring To It

WK/London took note of their boss’ appearance in Creativity’s latest list project–The 2009 Creativity 50. In the feature on him, Dan Wieden says he’s looking to expand in a southerly direction. image courtesy of Flickr user, saramusico Here’s a segment from Creativity’s report: Co-founder Wieden says he also plans to expand into South America in […]

Sweet Noise From The Urban Jungle

I remember the first spec ad I ever had designed by a professional. It was for Banana Republic and the headline read, “Clothes for the Urban Jungle.” It looked good, but it didn’t work hard enough as an ad. According to Ad Age, The Gap-owned brand is still working that basic theme, but they’re adding […]

[UPDATE] Yet Another Facebook Story: The Melting Pot Stirs Things Up

Yesterday, I mentioned that I made a perfect pair on Facebook with the help of The Melting Pot’s new FB app, but that I didn’t get any kind of confirmation. A representative from Push in Orlando–the agency that developed the work–has been kind enough to step forward and describe how the promotion works. “Once you […]

Oral Care Becomes Packaged Good, Rednecks Rejoice

What have you just seen? Some stupid human tricks, yes. But what else? If you said, “one episode in a multi-layered brand sponsored digital narrative,” you are correct! Jerry and Wendell Tucker from rural North Carolina are actually actors hired by JWT to promote Trident’s new Xtra Care gum, which not incidentally promises to “protect, […]

Want To Make It Big In Mobile Advertising? How’s Your Geo-Social Relevance?

Om Malik likes to interface with the Facebook platform via mobile device. He also believes that mobile syncing of one’s key data points with location-based service offerings (advertising) is gonna be big. I recently pointed out that “as we transition to an increasingly mobile world, the location beacon takes the role of the TCP, and […]

Dark Skies? Fly Through Them!

According to Ad Age, Cessna sees its planes as “productivity tools.” You know, like Power Point.

Look Over There — Some Culture That Needs Soaking Up

Adweek asked some agency execs who started up in recessionary times gone by what it was like. “Creativity moves in a particular way. And I think it starts during a recession with, first and foremost, curiously, art,” said Frank Lowe, now the leader of The Red Brick Road in London. “Then … fashion starts to […]

Quick, What’s The Difference Between Crowd Sourcing and Consumer Generated Media?

[This People-Powered advertising stunt was brought to our attention by Sean Howard on Twitter.]

Yet Another Facebook Story: The Melting Pot Spreads The Love

Orlando agency, Push, prepared a new Perfect Pairing Facebook application for its client, The Melting Pot, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The idea is for you to play matchmaker. Got friends you think would make a perfect pair? Use The Melting Pot’s Perfect Pairings application to see how they match up. Melting Pot will […]

Today In Twitterverse: Tweet Your Order, Take Two Bucks Off

Milwaukee’s Meglio Pizza is offering Twitter users $2.00 off their next pie. I’m making note of it because this is what’s right with Twitter. There are boatloads of social media experts ready to instruct business owners on how to use Twitter properly, but depending on one’s product or service offering, it needn’t be all that […]