Dove’s Chinese Soap Opera

China has it’s own “Ugly Betty,” but her name is Wudi, not Betty. According to The Wall Street Journal, WPP Group PLC’s Mindshare, brokered a deal to bring the format to Chinese TV, giving Unilever the right to exclusive ads and product placements during the show, as well as a script built around the company’s […]

A Sliver of Social Media, An Entire Helping of TV

Alan Wolk sees a new dawn for branded communications when he speaks of “The Great Unleveling”. …for the past fifty years, brands have been able to rely on marketing to “create a splash” for low-interest products and services. So that a clever TV spot with a catchy tag line really could have significant impact on […]

Flash Mob for the Environment

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo. Carrotmob is a network of consumers who entice businesses to be socially responsible by offering huge profits in return. Learn more at and .

Eat On Barack’s Face

Yes, I voted for the guy, but this commercial is creepy. It’s not his “confident smile and kind eyes” that I care about. It’s his brain. But I guess there’s nothing more American than the right to promote tacky commemoratives through special TV offers. UPDATE: And, uh, Biden gets one too!

Let’s Do Lunch

Journalists like to meet interesting people. It’s one of the perks of the job. Apparently, so is lunch at Michael’s in New York City. Media Magazine claims they don’t care for lists, yet they’ve made a rather long one called “100 people we’d meet at Michael’s”. It’s not just about being rich, powerful or influential. […]

Jerry Ketel: Conductor

During Monday’s snowmageddon, Jerry Ketel, President of Leopold Ketel & Partners and the Portland Ad Fed took time out from answering an RFP to meet with me in the well appointed lobby of his “idea studio.” Ketel has an infectious laugh and a sense of ease about him. He’s also full of big ideas. He […]

Thanks Matt!

Karsh\Hagan Senior Copywriter, Matt Ingwalson, named his year-end ad industry favorites and we are honored to be included in his list. National ad blog of 2008: I keep thinking about deleting AdPulp from my feeds. And then I notice that I bookmark it constantly. Matt also likes The Denver Egotist (who doesn’t?), The Barbarian Group, […]

Steffan Postaer Bought An Ad Here, Now It’s Your Turn

Steffan asked me if his ad buy would prevent us from covering him on the editorial side of the site. I said no, it wouldn’t. Frankly, I don’t live in that world of traditional advertising/editorial separation native to mainstream media. Nor does AdPulp. Some might fault me for it, and that’s fine, but I like […]

Michael Arrington Doesn’t Even Own Any Pajamas

Aussie technologist, Elias Bizannes, wrote a fascinating piece on what makes Michael Arrington and his TechCrunch brand so damn popular and successful. image courtesy of Laughing Squid Others have told about Arrington’s workaholic tendencies and drive. Bizannes breaks it down in the following manner: Arrington’s background as a corporate lawyer and entrepreneur helped provide unprecedented […]

Listening to Lessig

Stanford Law professor and copyright law expert, Lawrence Lessig, appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross on Monday to promote his new book, Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. It’s a 37-minute segment with lots of interesting information. At 17:19 in, Lessig says, “The question is whether copyright is creating […]