Digital Nomads Invent New Sport: Extreme Telecommuting

Mike Elgan, writing in ComputerWorld, paints a pretty third world picture set against the foreboding first world sky. When your company changes its policy and allows you to telecommute, and when meetings are conducted online instead of in-person, you might be freed to live in another country for a few months, or even a year […]

Today In Twitterverse: If It’s Success You Seek, Work Saturdays

There’s a phrase I like: “The more you do, the more you can do.” Apparently, it’s not original thinking… Chris Brogan is a social media guru. Jason Calacanis quit blogging, but he’s still a winner.

Eight Ways To Get Paid For Producing Free Content

Writers, artists and and all variety of content creators struggle with this riddle: How to make money in an environment where much of the literature, journalism and art that fills ones day is free of charge? We know for sure that putting the genie back in the bottle if a futile waste, even though many […]

Lessons From The Big-And-Shrinking Three

When the CEOs of GM, Ford, and Chrysler went to Washington a couple of weeks ago to plead for money, there was one glaring thing that stood out: They each flew on separate private jets to get there. That’s the kind of tone-deaf move people remember, and it’s exactly what politicians and pundits seized on. […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Republican Army Crashes The Wrong Party

Facebook is no good. Need proof? Just read this lurid copy from across the pond. Gatecrashers turned a schoolgirl’s 16th birthday party into a riot – after she advertised it on the Facebook website. Georgina Hobday’s £1million town house was ransacked by yobs. Among the trouble-makers were a 20-strong gang called the Facebook Republican Army, […]

Exotic Locations Part of the Deal Creative Teams Make With Their Corporate Overlords

Whopper Virgins, are people who’ve never had relations with “that burger.” Whopper Virgins is also a new entry in the long war for burger supremacy from the happy go lucky crew at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. That The Wall Street Journal would pick up on blogged criticism of the work must really bend the Crispinis […]

Swim Against The Tide At Your Own Peril

Clay Shirky was astounded by the throwback thinking he found in James Gleick’s opinion piece on the long term value of publishing printed objects, a.k.a. books. Businesses don’t survive in the long term because old people persist in old behaviors; they survive because young people renew old behaviors, and all the behaviors young people are […]

Let’s Not Get Carried Away With All the Tweaking and Testing

Digital media is trackable and malleable. These two facts are creating new opportunities in marketing services and a degree of tension in Old Adlandia. According to The New York Times, “a new breed of companies” is emerging to tweak the hell out of online creative. They create hundreds of versions of clients’ online ads, changing […]


Thinking about Wal-Mart and its predilection for Chinese-made stuff made me wonder if we still make anything in America anymore. Turns out, we do. And you can find lots of stuff on I won’t lecture, because lord knows I don’t always practice what I preach. But if you have a holiday shopping list that […]

A Cheap High And New Lows

Last week’s stampede at Wal-Mart on Black Friday was the latest sign that our country is addicted to the pursuit of the lowest price. And that has serious implications for the advertising industry. It’s the subject of my new column on Talent Zoo. You can also read it in its entirety after the jump.