The Hyper-Advantaged Few Don’t Like Change

Ad Age spoke to Dick O’Brien, exec VP of the American Association of Advertising Agencies about an Obama presidency’s impact on the ad biz. U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., who could be chief of staff in an Obama administration, talked to the 4A’s board of directors several weeks ago. “He predicted that the first order […]

Readers Of Mags Bloated On Consumer Products

Let’s have some fun with this Magazine Publishers of America ad made by Toy New York, shall we? Please name the magazine or magazines this woman reads. [via CA]

Are You Ready To Roll?

The Wall Street Journal recognizes that millions of people might be feeling a bit hungover today. Not just from all the cork popping last night, but from a post-drama malaise. The end of the most-followed presidential campaign in recent years will leave many Americans feeling lost, even if their candidate won. The 2008 race provided […]

Monitoring Web Coverage of the Election In Real Time

These two screen grabs were taken within minutes of each other. It’s interesting to see the difference in editorial direction between HuffPo and CNN.

Care For Some Sausage?

“We only select the two best bits.” That’s a line I can cozy up to. Hat’s off to Beattie McGuinness Bungay. p.s. Here’s another.

Random Election Eve Thoughts

Regular readers of AdPulp know we’ve covered a lot of politics this year. I personally followed it all closely this year, and so it seeps through onto this blog. But I think the 2008 election has been the biggest marketing event I’ve ever seen, and there are plenty of lessons consumer marketers and advertising people […]

These Boots Are Made For Talkin’

Paul Brogan, a “sports rapper” from Tacoma connects with young men via his videos. Turns out, Timberland wants some of that action, so the sportswear company constructed a sponsorship deal on MySpace. PAUL BROGAN – MLB WORLD SERIES RAP According to Brian Morrissey of Adweek, Timberland’s partner MediaHub spoke with the top video destinations, YouTube […]

For Circuit City, It’s Lights Out

I called it. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Circuit City announced plans Monday to close 155 stores, including all 16 of the electronics retailer’s metro Atlanta locations. The company will also close stores in Macon, Warner Robins and Athens. The store locator on the Circuit City Web site now lists only three stores within 100 miles […]

Women Like To Get Things Done Online

According to Ad Age, if packaged goods marketers want to reach busy women, they need to do it online. Microsoft, Mindshare and Ogilvy & Mather have been studying women they call “digital divas.” Let’s examine some of their findings: “There are women we found who actually have standing orders with Amazon for their toilet paper,” […]

Don’t Mess With Californication

Microsoft has its take on the “I’m a Mac” ads, and so does Vote No on Prop 8. [via Mickipedia]