You Can’t Skim Sources

Don’t believe a freaking thing you hear on the internet. That’s the message being sent by a couple of clowns. According to a story in yesterday’s The New York Times, the whole “Palin doesn’t know Africa is a continent” jab was a hoax. Untrue. It was among the juicier post-election recriminations: Fox News Channel quoted […]

“The War On Talent” Generates Lots Of War Stories

I’ve written nearly 115 columns for Talent Zoo since 2002, but no column has received as many comments as The War On Talent has. (Scroll all the way down the column and you can read them). The frustration among job seekers, and even Creative Directors seeking talent, is palpable. One person wrote to me about […]

May Pownce Be An Example To You, Young (Not Math Challenged) Lady

Leah Culver, 25, of Pownce is one of Fast Company’s “Most Influential Women in Web 2.0.” Culver started out as an art major at the University of Minnesota, but found her calling in a required programming class. “Before that I didn’t even know what programming was,” she admits. She built Pownce, a file sharing soc […]

Hoffman Reports. You Decide.

Few ad guys kick facts as consistently and blatantly as Bob Hoffman. Right now the San Francisco ad man is kicking the hell out of the trade press for reporting an agenda (to keep interactive sexy), rather than the plainly obvious facts before them. Let’s listen: Some facts: In the recent election, candidates spent over […]

General Motors About Out Of Gas

Imagine you’re a high-flying auto exec in Detroit with a big mansion in Grosse Pointe, kids at boarding schools back east, club memberships, a nice boat, box seats for the Lions’ home games and so on. Then one day, a day like today, you open up The New York Times to learn that the castle […]

Andree Is Posting Up

McGarry Bowen, one of the largest independent ad boutiques in New York, has given in to its Japanese suitor, according to a story in today’s Wall Street Journal. In buying McGarry Bowen, Dentsu will be acquiring an agency with a solid reputation and close ties to big marketers. Its clients include Hewlett-Packard and J.P. Morgan […]

Columbia Sportswear Makes Huge Investment In Retail

It requires diligence to sift through all the negative business news these days in order to find some positive news, but I have done so today, at least this once. Portland’s Columbia Sportswear, in business since 1938, is busy executing a retail expansion plan that will result in almost two dozen new stores in high-profile […]

Newspapers As Aggregators?

Rance Crain, President of Crain Communications, sees an opportunity that might benefit newspapers and his own content-producing media business. The answer, I have come to believe, is for them to become aggregators of information by outsourcing their news holes to others already producing the material. Already, firms such as CNN and Bloomberg are gearing up […]

Straight Outta Compton Baghdad

I can hear myself presenting, as if I was on the Army account… “Guys, we need to up the reality. As you know we live in a time where reality TV is king. So, it’s important that we too get gritty, we need some dirt on our hands. Let me send a documentary team to […]

Hollywoodized Interweb Content

Can a big studio like NBC pare itself down in order to play on the internet? It’s a question Cameron Death (pronounced “Deeth”) is working to answer. According to Adweek, the new vp of NBC Universal Digital Studio, is busy creating a slate of original programming, from offbeat documentaries to a science-fiction series starring Rosario […]