Command P

This ad by Ignited for LA Weekly puts blue space to good use. It also reminds us of a fundamental truth. Be that as it may, I asked Sarah Hughes, the copywriter on the campaign, if it wasn’t a bit odd to use a “computer speak” to relay the brand’s pro-print message. “One of the […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Sub Rosa Spirits

Mike Sherwood, the alchemist behind Sub Rosa Spirits wrote to us today to say that his packaging received an Award of Merit at The Rosey Awards last night. “The folks at Magneto Brand Advertising did a great job with the Sub Rosa Spirits labels,” he says. Portland Mercury published a nice feature on Sherwood and […]

Introducing the Pioneers of Columbia’s Greater Outdoors

The Columbia Sportswear account changed hands last spring. After a 30-year run with Portland’s Borders Perrin & Norrander, Columbia opted for Marin County’s Butler Shine and Stern. Here’s some of the new work from BSANDS: Hat Tip to Zorigitano.

Drop The Scooter And Head To Cinci

Google and P&G—two companies with vastly different cultures—have been swapping workers this year in effort to learn from one another and to tighten bonds between the two firms. According to The Wall Street Journal closer ties are crucial to both sides. P&G, the biggest advertising spender in the world, is waking up to the reality […]

A Postcard From Sweden

Björn Borg is a Swedish company that sells clothing, footwear, bags, eyewear and fragrances mostly in the Netherlands and Sweden. They also have a store in Manhattan.

Utah’s Snow Isn’t This Flaky

There’s more at [UPDATE] The campaign appears to be coming from Struck in Salt Lake City.

Fight Economic Malaise

Tom Asacker is the change agent’s change agent. So it’s natural that he has some thoughts on changing one’s behavior when different/better results are sought. You have the talent, the ability and the contacts. But do you have the vision and courage? Vision and courage are what leadership is all about: Making sure that everyone […]

Need Some New Clients? Buy Them!

Marc Brownstein of Philadelphia’s Brownstein Group thinks this is a good time to buy an agency. That’s right. One of the smartest strategies over the next 18 months will be to grow through acquisition. Seek out an agency that complements the strengths your shop has, both in skill sets, client roster, specialty and culture. Some […]

Textin’ Turkey

Cooking the bird on Thanksgiving can be a nerve-wracking experience. Your family and friends are counting on you. There’s little room for error. That’s why Butterball instituted a help line, 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372) back in 1981. Since then, the help line—one of the first ever created—has become an unparalleled marketing tool for the company, even playing […]

Wayward Journalist Builds Storm Shelter, Invites Colleagues

MSNBC kicked Dan Abrams to the curb this fall. Now the lawyer, color commentator, show host and former MSNBC General Manager, is organizing a new PR firm that he plans to staff with journalists. According to The Wall Street Journal, Abrams Research will help business executives navigate public-relations challenges — from major acquisitions to bothersome […]