Have You Hugged Your Customers Today?

How many of you get excited when a brief comes across your desk asking for a loyalty program? Don’t all raise your hand, at once. Okay, we all want to foster brand loyalty. That’s a given. But how? TrendWatching.com, which has dedicated its October trend report to “Perkonomics” has some answers. It’s must reading for […]

The Face of The NHL Brand

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is sometimes called “The Next One” by fans. It’s a flattering reference to “The Great One,” a.k.a. Wayne Gretzky. “He’s their LeBron,” said Bruce Jacobson of Young & Rubicam, the advertising agency that created the N.H.L.’s new star-centric campaign. In addition to Crosby, ads will feature Patrick Kane of […]

These Ladies Are Dressed To Kill

Sarah Palin is a hunter. But she’s far from the only one. That’s the message in a feature story from The Wall Street Journal today. As the number of male hunters has declined, the sport has targeted women with everything from pink guns to gender-specific hunting courses. Now, they’re seeking out spokesmodels and pushing weapons […]

I Am An Antichrist, But I Like Butter

I was too young for Punk, but still, seeing Johnny Rotten push butter on TV does seem a bit odd. The Guardian has more: One-time punk pin-up and sometime anarchist John Lydon has mellowed further into middle age by starring in a £5m TV campaign for Country Life butter. The campaign, available to watch exclusively […]