Muffins Find Sponsor In Media Brand

The Atlantic is spending $1.5 million to advertise its highbrow offering. Apparently, one of the media buys is the local bakery. The ads for The Atlantic in unexpected locales like bodegas are meant to reach media buyers where they eat, buy takeout food and shop. Those are “places where people’s brains are most at rest,” […]

Republicans Claim To Be Populists. Bud Light Claims To Be Drinkable.

I used to work on the Coors business, so I know how hopped up the Goldenites are on the concept of drinkability. If the idea is foreign to you, simply put the theory is it’s easier to drink more beer if it’s properly watered down and too cold too taste. Now Bud Light wants some […]

Surprise! Congress Does What Wall Street Wants.

Earlier this week when the House defeated the Wall St. bailout, I thought we might be glimpsing a populist uprising. Wrong! According to NPR, the U.S. House just passed a $700 billion financial rescue package by a vote to 263-171, paving the way for the government to start buying up troubled assets from financial institutions […]

Is The Google Drinking The Starbucks?

Advertising The Google seems about as necessary to me as advertising air. Apparently, this thought is also alive inside the company. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page killed a “splashy TV ad” last summer that was meant to run during the Olympics. But there are signs that the […]

Search + Social = Success

Kent Lewis, President of Anvil Media, is Portland’s search engine marketing expert. More than one source has shared this insight with me since arriving on these mossy shores. It’s not a topic I know a great deal about, but its one that a bunch of clients with tightening budgets want to understand. Kent shares his […]

You Might Not Look Like Them, Sing Like Them Or Act Like Them, But You Can Vote The Way They Do

Deblogable: Bennett v. Burn

Over a leisurely lunch at a Sellwood Public House yesterday, Tom Bennett, Digital Strategist for The New Group in Portland, said blogging is a selfish act. That got my attention. I babbled defensively for a moment before proposing that we debate the proposition on our respective blahgs. Last night, Tom typed his opening salvo. It’s […]

GM Embraces Social Media. Now It’ll Regain Market Share.

All an ailing brand needs is some social media to help it out, right? That’s what GMnext is for. Information Week has the story: GM, like many automakers, is faced with declining sales as credit tightens and gasoline prices rise. The company lost $15.5 billion in its second quarter. Johnson hopes the new media efforts […]

Buckle Up with Grady Britton

I remember interviewing at Grady Britton in 1995. Marianne Banke, like many CDs in the Portland ad community, offered me a mix of encouraging and critical words. Now that I’m back in Portland, I’m looking closely at all the shops again. Thankfully, there are many new ones, in addition to some old stalwarts. Which brings […]

Trumpet Sounds For New Orleans

“The 504” needs help. And since I live in “The 503,” it’s important to give it. One of the things New Orleans needs is to keep its future leaders engaged in the rebuilding of the city, and generally speaking, keep them in the city. To that end, The Idea Village is conducting a competition for […]