Maverick, Maverick, Maverick

According to The Denver Egotist, San Francisco ad legends, Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, paid to produce the above spot and several more that are running on YouTube. While the spots make their point, they lack the Goody touch, IMO. For more on the origins and meaning of word “maverick” see my Burnin’ post from […]

“Zeitgeist” Is Gyro Worldwide’s Middle Name

Steven Grasse of Gyro Worldwide is a skilled self-promoter, and I say that with all sincerity, for self-promotion is a necessary skill that’s hard to master. Too much self-promo and you’re tiresome. Not enough, and you don’t exist. Like a soufflĂ©, you have to get it just right. With the help of Harriet Bernard-Levy, a […]

Denver Agency Hits Crispin With A Boulder Between The Eyes

According to

It’s A Good Time To Dream Big

Twisted as it may be, when the economy tanks, state lotteries capitalize on people’s fear and sell more game-of-chance tickets. According to Ad Age, lotteries are also altering their messages to fit the times, connecting to entertainment properties and gaining traction in social media playgrounds. Capitalizing on the country’s gas crisis, the Missouri Lottery has […]

Financial Crisis Becomes An Ad Crisis

I’ve always said that mergers and acquisitions only benefit the people who make the merger happen. Everyone else gets screwed. Adweek this week takes an even closer look at the newest consolidations taking place on Wall Street, which will bite some ad agencies in the butt: Banking failures and buyouts involving Washington Mutual and Wachovia […]

Smith’s Soft Sell Firmed Up By The NRSC

Oregon Senator, Gordon Smith, is running an ad that shows him passing hate crime legislation with Ted Kennedy (an interesting angle, given that Smith is a Mormon and the LDS Church is firmly against homosexuality). Meanwhile, The National Republican Senatorial Committee is playing hardball on Smith’s behalf, as he faces a challenge for his seat […]

Wrapped Up In (And Transformed By) Brands

In today’s New York Times Magazine, “Counsumed” columnist, Rob Walker, examines at an academic study that indicates brands may have the power to shape our behavior. Not just purchasing behavior, mind you, the concept being forwarded claims that certain brands can make us run faster, jump higher, think more clearly, and so on. The upshot […]

Passion For Your Customers Is What It’s All About

Gary Vaynerchuk, host of Wine Library TV, an offshoot of his family’s New Jersey retail wine business, helps Fast Company readers get to the bottom of what makes a great web show. You have to feed your community. That’s your differentiators from somebody that’s on television. One of my key successes at first was answering […]

Hockey Moms For Truth “Out” Palin

[via More Hockey Less War]

Portland On Mobile App Map

Excited by a new Obama app for the iPhone, Rick Turoczy, a.k.a. “The Silcon Florist,” points out that Portland is rich with mobile application developers. While the (Obama for the iPhone) application is an impressive feat for a volunteer effort (or any effort for that matter) what I think may be even more interesting—and (Raven) […]