Before You Speak Persuasively, You Must First Speak the Language

Stop slap and pasting anglo-centric messages on people of color. This is 2008 man, get your micro-targeting together! Pete Blackshaw, writing for Ad Age, says the same, albeit with a bit more tact. “If we really want the right insights, we need to advertise and enable feedback in Spanish (and perhaps also other languages over […]

Care More

Tom Asacker (who has a new book out) is a fountain of good advice. Here’s some of his latest: Are you feeling the increased pressure of this highly competitive economy? You will. And when it hits you, here is an effective way for you to handle the inevitable stress: Care more and worry less. Care […]

Seth Godin Is A Man of Action

If you want to become popular enough to have your own action figure, take a clue from Seth Godin. According to BusinessWeek, the man is “hyperkinetic.” Given all the business writers competing for attention, how did Seth Godin reach the top tier? How, in the lingo of his new book, has he become the leader […]

Are You Well Suited for Account Management?

Adweek listened to Anomaly co-founder Carl Johnson, speak at an account management panel in midtown Manhattan yesterday. He argued that being a “suit” is the best job in the business. Johnson cited the “all-access pass” nature of working in account management, the breadth and variety of tasks associated with the role and the “sheer unexpectedness” […]

First The Banks, Then The Automakers

So when does the advertising industry get a bailout? I’m just asking. By the way, I think any auto industry bailout should include a provision the auto dealers stop yelling and screaming in their commercials or they don’t get shipped any more cars from the Big 3.

Boca Raton Doesn’t Fair Well In This Dialogue

One thing about video sharing sites, they allow for endless director’s cuts, since there’s no need for drawing inside the :30 and :60 second lines.

Condoms Save

Good Magazine looks at Kate Roberts’ approach to cause-related marketing. A former exec at the Moscow and Bucharest branches of Saatchi & Saatchi, Roberts now heads YouthAIDS, a not-for-profit based in Washington, DC. Comparing her groups’ educational message to that of consumer marketing, she says, “It’s the same strategy. You have to make something desirable, […]

An Attack Ad from the Bread Aisle

This new campaign from TDA in Boulder aims to separate Rudi’s Organic from the “healthy-looking, healthy-sounding” supermarket breads.

Negative Ads Aren’t Limited To Political Campaigns

My new column for Talent Zoo takes a look at negative ads–both in political campaigns and consumer marketing. A psychologist could explore the pathology more in-depth than I could, but the basic fact is that negativity sticks in the brain. It has an immediate, visceral impact. Compliments are fleeting, but insults sting for years. You […]

The Oracle of Omaha’s Blessing (And Cash) Come In Handy

Today’s a good day to be Goldman Sachs. Warren Buffett, the wisest investor in Stock Market history, just gave the firm a vote of confidence like no other. Nothing talks like money, and Buffet’s firm, Berkshire Hathaway, just put $5 billion on the table. Buffett says Goldman Sachs is an exceptional institution. “It has an […]