No Need

In 2005, the pharmaceutical industry spent more than $4 billion on direct-to-consumer advertising. But according to a study out today from Harvard Medical School researchers, the ads have no impact on sales. So, can we let the doctors prescribe the pills? And how about passing the money saved on advertising back to the consumer? I […]

The Creative Way To Say, “Keep Your Kids Under Control”

This image reminds patrons at Northeast Portland coffee shop and bakery, Jim & Patty’s, who’s boss. But it does so in a playful, smart, memorable manner. I love good copy, wherever it’s found.

In A World…Without Don LaFontaine

Damn… ‘King of Voiceovers’ Don LaFontaine Dies at 68 If I smoked 2 packs a day I could sound like that, too…VO work is such a cushy gig.

Now, With New Services To Sell, The Google Wants Our Help

The Google is cozying up to ad agencies, according to The New York Times. During the last year, Google has built a 40-person group that is charged with courting agencies, trying to persuade them that their clients should buy ads on Google sites and use the search engine’s tools. Google could avoid ad agencies when […]

Selling America To The Foreigners

The New York Sun takes a look at former DDB CEO Keith Reinhard’s efforts to promote America overseas: Though some of the worldwide antipathy toward America stems from unpopular policies, Mr. Reinhard says it is not a matter of simply a feel-good issue — Businesses are being hurt by our sagging reputation. In an increasingly […]

Eco-Friendly “Mini Tanks” Ready To Roll

I enjoyed meeting Andy Woehl, President of MÁS Wine Company, at our “Welcome to Oregon” party on Saturday night (which Mike and Keli graciously hosted on their Brownsville farm). Andy’s Cloverdale, CA-based company makes wine from grapes grown in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. On top of making wine, Andy and his partners have figured […]