Today (and yesterday) in Twitterverse: InVerge 2008

Since I suck at live blogging, allow me to offer a selection of Tweets from attendees at InVerge 2008 at the Armory in NW Portland, yesterday and today. Amy Goodman: “when was the last time an art director really cared to make a sale” #inverge Dan Harbison: Lots of graphs and talking print ad layouts… […]

Need Some Sin? Call The Vice Squad Agency

I’ve always believed that ad agencies are way too generalized: that they don’t have a point of view or specialty, whether it’s the type of work they do or clients they pursue. My guess is that the new Dallas-based Vice Squad Agency won’t have that problem. Pegasus News has more: Gambling, Alcohol and the Adult […]

When You Work @Wieden, You Wear It Proud

photo of Renne Gleeson’s shoes by Mark Coleman Last week on the plane to Atanta, I noticed the account guy from Wieden sitting in front of me was wearing Nikes. Makes sense. Today, during the opening presentation at inVerge, there was no missing Renny Gleeson’s red Nikes. During his talk, Renny also managed to mention […]

Judging By The RNC Last Night, The Answer Is “No”

The posters designed by Rich Silverstein and supported by Arianna Huffington have finally made it to this week’s Republican National Convention. Basically, it’s just a long list of words describing the Bush administration with the tagline, “Haven’t we had enough?” Click here to see Arianna and Rich roll out a big version of the poster. […]

Cutting Off A Campaign’s Legs

Are ad campaigns given enough time to work these days? The things that over the years have come to symbolize brands like logos–and in particular, taglines—are being changed to quickly and so often that it’s hard to keep up. Consequently, no one does. We all know how it works: Every time a new CMO comes […]

On Tap @ Inverge 2008

Renny Gleeson, W+K’s Global Digital Strategies Director, kicks things off at 8:40 am tomorrow morning at the Armory in NW Portland as part of Inverge 2008. This is his topic: CONNECTION: NEVER CLOSER TOGETHER, NEVER FARTHER APART? Interactive communications and digital technologies have birthed the greatest idea propagation framework in history. But when will our […]

I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo

It’s been 13 years since I last lived in Portland. So, I have some catching up to do. Who works where? What accounts are most notable? Where is there an opportunity for a guy like me? These are the kinds of questions I seek answers to. Which leads me to Portland Ad Fed’s well put […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 13th in a Series

Wieden + Kennedy/Tokyo has a new web site and a bright and shiny mission statement to go with it.

Sears Tries To Be All It Can Be

The military look is back in, if you shop at Sears, that is. From Ad Age: Sears, Roebuck & Co. has signed a deal with the U.S. Army to launch the All American Army Brand’s First Infantry Division clothing collection. It marks the first time the U.S. Army has officially licensed its marks and insignias; […]

Hiring The Best MBAs Is Kid’s Stuff

Recruitment advertising isn’t typically known for its humor or wit, but Born2Consult from Deloitte ups the ante a bit.