Stream On You Crazy Diamond

With everyone talking nonstop about a possible Congressional bailout of Wall Street, another Congressional bailout story is going unnoticed. Internet radio startups like Pandora have been sweating bullets for over a year now, in regards to their own financial and legal challenges. But in this case, The House acted unanimously to pass legislation that favors […]

Behind The Scenes at College Humor

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Likeability Is An Asset In A Popularity Contest

Marketing consultant, Alan Wolk, believes there is wisdom in keeping things simple when attempting to market a complicated product in difficult times. So does the Republican Party, which is what makes them a tough foe for the overly analytical Dems. Here’s Wolk’s take on the appeal of Sarah Palin: I think that part of the […]

David & Goliath, The Remake

Pitching massive corporations on a new idea can be a treacherous road. They can ignore the pitch, steal the idea or worse. It’s the stuff of legend and at time, material for a Hollywood movie. According to Ad Age, this week Universal Studios releases “Flash of Genius,” a film that paints Ford Motor Co. as […]

Today in Twitterverse: Yet Another Facebook Story

Rex Hammock is Founder/CEO of the content marketing and media firm, Hammock Inc.

Siegel for CEO

Rich Siegel, freelance copywriter and author of Tuesdays With Mantu, My Adventures With a Nigerian Con Artist, wants to run Morgan Stanley. Instead of sending his appeal directly to Mama Morgan, he’s making creative use of an Adweek column instead. A cursory glance of my CV will reveal that I have little or no experience […]

Episodic Video Is The New Sandbox

Directors and their production companies are starting to offer episodic video to show brands just how rich a space exists between the 30-second spot and a feature film. Undercover Cheerleaders by HungryManTV is a good example of this kind of content offering. Undercover Cheerleaders – Selling Sh*tby hungrymanTV Hungry Man is one of the most […]

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Breaking news from the nation’s capitol: A bipartisan group of U.S. House lawmakers defeated a $700 billion rescue plan for Wall Street on Monday, rejecting pleas from the Bush administration and congressional leaders from both parties. The 205-228 vote against the plan sent stocks plummeting, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down around 500 points […]

The Internet Never Sleeps

Virginia Heffernan of the The New York Times Magazine had fun last week poking around some prominent banking and investment sites. In my fantasies, banks are never financial-services firms, and Bill Clinton did not sign the 1999 law that repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, allowing commercial and investment banks to merge. It seems that […]

Milquetoast for Breakfast, Milquetoast for Lunch…

Agency execs are a conservative lot when it comes to pitching ideas. That’s the latest news from a study by Menlo Park, Calif.-based executive staffing firm Creative Group. According to Marketing Daily, marketing executives–whose products and services are at stake–said they needed to push for more risky marketing strategies. Sixty-five percent of survey respondents who […]