Making A Mark at Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water has a concept store in the UK, where the lowly internet message board is put to use in an an elevated experiential setting. In other words, consumers can write down what they think on the wall after trying a certain flavor. No word on how often the wall is wiped clean or how […]

Software Developers Are Hooked On Iterations

TechCrunchIT has a thought piece by Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, wherein he makes clear his vision for Web 3.0. Web 3.0 is about replacing existing software platforms with a new generation of platforms as a service. To put Web 3.0 into perspective, we need to look at all of the major waves […]

Today in Twitterverse: Newspapers in 140 Characters or Less

Biz at Twitter points to this excellent resource, detailing the use of Twitter by newspapers around the nation. I have to say, I enjoy updates from funny and interesting people, but many things I see in my feed are worthless. Not so, when the update is from a newspaper. Thanks to this list, I just […]

A Classic Misdirection

Zuji, a Travelocity company operating in Asian markets, introduced an affordable line of packaged goods so people would have money left over to take a vacation. This idea checks a lot of boxes: smart; memorable; utilitarian; etc. [via Cherry Flava]

Diplomacy in the Ring (seems like an oxymoron, but isn’t)

“Diplomacy is not weakness,” said Kate Walsh, the star of “Private Practice” on ABC and a member of a dissident faction with Screen Actors Guild. The New York Times has more on struggles at SAG, but I’d like to linger on Walsh’s thinking. The great struggle of my ad career has been diplomacy, because frankly, […]

Hyper-Targeted Out of Home

Get through to Oprah (or her producers) and you just might reach millions with your story, product or service. According to Ad Age, a Pennsylvania animal shelter managed exactly that in its ongoing crusade against puppy mills. Last spring, Main Line Animal Rescue bought a billboard four blocks from Harpo, Ms. Winfrey’s Chicago studio. The […]

The New Gold Standard: Experiential Examples From The Ritz

Back in ad school, one of my first assignments was The Ritz-Carlton. So my art director and I went over to the Ritz and talked to one of the concierges, who told us story after story of the things the staff does for their customers. Providing great customer service is one of the best forms […]

Another Brother Moses

Jah come to break downpression, Rule equality, Wipe away transgression, Set the captives free. -Robert Nesta Marley Senator McCranky started the week with an ad that compared his opponent to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. His intent was to say Obama is a lightweight, an argument which simply holds no water. Now, he’s got a […]

Laugh Your Pants Off

Goodby has fun with the Rock. [via Beyond Madison Avenue] And Extended Stay Hotels goes porn creepy. Okay, that one wasn’t funny. I hope you’re not too scarred. [via Adfreak]

God Looks For An Agency to Fix Her Brand

Steffan Postaer’s new novel, The Happy Soul Industry, is available to the reading public today. Postaer took a moment to answer a few questions about the book. Q. What inspired the writing of this book (other than your career of choice)? A. The concept. I think I was looking for an idea big enough to […]