When People Ask Why You’re Majoring In Anthropology, You Can Tell Them You’re Working To Improve Market Intelligence

Author, Scott Berkun, spoke to anthropologist, Grant McCracken, for the Harvard Business Review. Here’s a small bit of what McCracken offered: Anthropologists specialize in the study of culture, and culture matters in marketing because it supplies the infrastructure for thought and feeling in America. How consumers see the product, the service, or the pitch, these […]

Adidas, No. Timberland, Yes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that British agency, Leagas Delaney, is on the rise again after nearly going under in 2003. In the past three years, Leagas Delaney has roughly doubled annual revenue to $30 million. Recent new clients include the Body Shop, Timberland and Dyson, a vacuum-cleaner manufacturer. Tim Delaney, 62, says he can […]

The Brits Get Their Soviet On

New work from Publicis/London and Psyop:

Designer-Songwriter Makes Would Be Virals

Matt Maxwell, aka, Design Minstrel is writing and performing songs about design. Here’s a lyric from the song posted above: When it arrives in cardboard cover I can’t wait to discover For a spread to-say I got published in CA While I can’t say the performance is riveting, the lyrics are certainly on point for […]

I’m Glad I Deactivated My Facebook Account

Faux News is looking for a more “sophisticated” audience on Facebook, instead of partnering with its sibling socnet, MySpace, according to The New York Times. Facebook is “currently the leading social network” worldwide, said Joel Cheatwood, the senior vice president for development at Fox News. “They also have a user that’s a little older and […]

Web Productions Become Appealing to More Marketers

Earlier this year I tried to work a product placement deal between Tiki Bar TV and a prominent spirits company. I was pretty excited by the prospects, but sadly it never went anywhere. Today, The Wall Street Journal details successful forays by brands into the land of web-based shows. The Journal points to “edgy niche […]

Advertising’s Role In The Mortgage Crisis

Today’s New York Times features an article that pulls no punches in suggesting that in recent years, more aggressive advertising prodded consumers to take out risky home equity loans: “Live Richly.” That catchy slogan, dreamed up by the Fallon Worldwide advertising agency, was pitched in 1999 to executives at Citicorp who were looking for a […]

Out of Home On Two Wheels

Branded utility is becoming a buzzword, but when the examples are this flawless, I can’t help but be impressed. According to Ad Age, Clear Channel Outdoor, which runs several self-service public bicycle rental programs in Europe, has brought the concept to Washington, DC. The initial rollout features a total of 120 bikes at 10 rental […]

Cliff Freeman Is Still Around

A bunch of years ago, Creativity Magazine used to feature the “Cliff Freeman Komedy Korner.” They’re not as talked about as they used to be, but they’re trying to get back in the groove: Tom Christmann, the agency’s recently appointed Executive Creative Director and heir-apparent to ueber-creative Cliff Freeman himself, has strengthened his creative team […]

Dems Cowboys

My view of Denver is skewed from growing up in Nebraska and the fact that I twice lived there. I see it as a place where Neal Cassady was at home. Not as a cow town, by any stretch. Yet this poster from Colorado designers Idaho Stew has stirred some to suggest the image reinforces […]