Rich Young “Friend,” Will You Engage? Please!

Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research summarizes the latest “revolution in advertising” from Facebook. Facebook launched a new product called ‘Engagement Advertisements’ that encourages members to interact with the ads by leaving comments, sharing virtual gifts, or becoming fans. To combat dismal click through rates of traditional advertisements, these features emulate widgets and encourage […]

This Looks Like A Fun Account

New creative from RPA in Santa Monica: p.s. The college football season kicks off this weekend. I hope you’re ready for it.

PR Battle About PR

Coming off a nice vacation, Richard Edelman busts on Jason Calacanis and defends his chosen profession in one blogged swoop. I am heartily sick of the ad hominem attacks and cheap shots taken by those who would try to draw attention to themselves. For a guy who states that “your ability to hire people, get […]

GS+P Gets Props from Lee

Adweek is running a “special advertising section” tribute to Goodby Silverstein & Partners on the agency’s 25th anniversary. One of the segments includes a piece by Lee Clow. Here’s a slice of what he says: Most people know and admire the famous “Got milk?” campaign. Funny, smart, strategically brilliant. But I still remember the Mill […]

The Gray Lady’s Ad Revenue Takes A Dive

Even the venerable New York Times isn’t immune to the newspaper slump. From The Wired Blog Network: Compared to last July, total revenues from continuing operations decreased 10.1 percent, advertising revenues decreased 16.2 percent and circulation revenues decreased 0.5 percent. Print ad sales were the killer once again, and all is pretty much in line […]

Words That Work

New York Sun and Ad Age columnist, Lenore Skenazy, believes in the power of rhyme and alliteration (even if most copywriters do not). Coca-Cola. I think we can all agree that’s a pretty good brand name, right? Ever think about why? It’s not just the billions of ad bucks behind it. It’s all the K-sounds […]

Italy: Beautiful Country, Bad Client

If you think your client is a little too bureaucratic and slow, try designing a web site for Italy. The Wall Street Journal has more: Through the official Web site, Italy plans to showcase its cultural, natural and gastronomical treasures, while also helping tourists with hotel and travel bookings. The portal is scheduled to go […]

The Right Placement

Here’s what you see this week as you leave the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport and head into the Twin Cities: Minneapolis is the site of the Republican Convention next week.

Word of the Day: Prewards

Marketing to digital natives aged 12 to 26 is a tough task for the Gen X (and older) crowd, for Millennials have built up a heretofore unseen immunity to typical marketing come ons. But Millennials are not perfectly immune. According to BusinessWeek, a marketer simply needs to speak their language. And thanks to efforts by […]

Brands Spawn Labels

I often find myself saying, “If you’re thinking it, someone else is doing it.” According to Ad Age, that someone else is Pepsi. Sprouting from its Green Label Art initiative, the Pepsi brand has launched a virtual record label dedicated to digital singles. Green Label Sound, as the nascent outlet is called, has lined up […]