Ad Men. Circus Characters. What’s The Diff?

We’re terribly late to this story, but it’s worth picking up on. Did you know that Alex Bogusky looks to P.T. Barnum as an insipration? Yep. In fact, CP+B calls their attention-getting antics Hooplanetics, a term that simultaneously pays homage to Barnum while laughing at Tom Cruise and crew. Bogusky and friends even wrote a […]

Canadians See Things Differently

For more on sexy Subes, see [via Globe and Mail]

Free Personalized Radio, Anytime, Anywhere

According to Adweek, Pandora is scoring big with the release of its iPhone App. Pandora has streamed 3.3 million songs to iPhone users since the launch of its new mobile application, making it the third most popular such app for the red-hot device. As of July 14, the company had registered 180,000 new users, and […]

Social This, Social That

Gareth Kay of Modernista! draws the distinction between social media and social brands. I don’t really get the distinction, but I do understand the following passage. It means building brands that are inherently open, generous and want to include you. It means developing communication that lets you join the dots and complete the story rather […]

This Is An Ad

“Everything has become advertising. And everyone an advertiser.” -from the sidebar of This is an ad It can be difficult to determine what’s an ad and what’s not in today’s media environment. Thankfully, This is an ad helps bring some clarity to the mess we’re in.

Walmart-Style Travelogue

Agency Tart reporting from the front lines of Adlandia, confirms that this is a tough business. In Boston today for a huge online branding presentation to my biggest client. My nemesis agency was there as the client’s overall brand presence. What corporate ass-kissing fuckheads. Anyway, our travel booker-person made me share a room with a […]

IT Meltdown Wreaks Havoc in San Francisco

The Guardian is reporting that Levi Strauss announced a 98% drop in second quarter profitability and a 19% decline in US sales. The culprit, other than tight-fisted consumers, appears to be the company’s IT operation. A software disaster stopped all product deliveries in the US for seven days earlier this year. David Bergen, Levi’s chief […]

Big Mac Turns Big 4 Oh

From the Big Mac Chant Off on MySpace: According to The New York Times, McDonald’s is looking back while simultaneously busting a move in the new world of consumer generated content. Consumers have been challenged to write their own songs using the exact words of the classic Big Mac jingle, and submit them on […]

This One’s For You, South Carolina

Palmetto State Ain’t Gonna Tolerate

Newsweek and countless other media outlets are covering the news that South Carolina is, in fact, NOT GAY. The campaign targeting gay European tourists which claims otherwise, landed with a resounding thud in South Carolina, where the issue of gay rights has long been a political flashpoint. After The Palmetto Scoop, a South Carolina political […]