The Power Of Long Copy

Although I might choose a different font. You know, for legibility’s sake…

Rush to the Bank

At lunch today I was reading The New York Times business section. On the front page of that section there’s a big photo of Rush Limbaugh (not available online) and an article that reveals his newly negotiated income. I don’t mind saying it grossed me out. Limbaugh, who has 20 million listeners a week on […]


Omnicom is forming a new consultancy to help marketers reach women. The new unit is named G23 — G as in Group, 23 as in the pair of chromosomes that carries the sex differences between women and men. The power of women in the marketplace is undisputed. Surveys indicate that female consumers in the United […]

In the Long Time Coming Department

According to, Google and Yahoo spiders will begin to crawl sites built with Adobe’s Flash. “Improving how we crawl dynamic content will ultimately enhance the search experience for our users,” said Bill Coughran, senior vice president of engineering at Google. Google will be going live with the new SWF indexing technology this week, while […]

Is This Where Product Placement Is Headed?

Home Depot Honors Fallen Soldiers With Great Prices On Tools It’s a parody from The Onion.

Not A Good Time To Be On A Car Account

The Bush administration’s economic stimulus package is far from enough to drive Americans into their local car and truck dealer. June’s sales numbers, compared to June 2007 are horrible and a sign of a seriously weakened economy. According to The Wall Street Journal, American consumers long enamored with trucks and SUVs are now looking for […]

Tough Time for Bitter Drink

Starbucks is hating it. According to The Wall Street Journal, the coffee retailer will close 600 stores and cut back on opening new ones. As many as 12,000 full-time and part-time retail positions will be eliminated with the store closures. Starbucks is closing locations that are either not profitable now or are not projected to […]

Normal People Can Buy Allstate

Pemco Insurance is proving that insurance advertising doesn’t need to be so serious all the time. Their site We’re a Lot Like You provides “a helpful guide to the people of the Northwest.” Because “the people of the Northwest deserve an insurance company as different as they are.” Some of the profiles include: -Smug Hybrid […]

Drinking Really Is Social

You know social networking has jumped the shark when brands like Mott’s start to lampoon the format. [via Adfreak]

Interactive Agencies And Passive Mentalities

My new column on Talent Zoo won’t be on the home page until Thursday, but you can check it out now. I take a closer look at the BBDO/Big Spaceship/HBO/Cannes credit kerfuffle, as was discussed here. We all know the MO of lead agencies—and by “lead agencies” I mean the brand agencies, traditional agencies, “big […]