Media Buying Efficiencies Found

Publicis on Wednesday unveiled a new digital-advertising system that links together technologies from Google Inc., AOL, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. The system connects Publicis’s media-buying agencies with the ad space sold by the Web giants, according to The Wall Street Journal. “We are putting the four competitors around the same table,” and “that will […]

John McCain Embraces Advergaming

Come to think of it, I was much happier in 1981, when Ronald Reagan was President and the Atari 2600 VCS was all the rage. Of course, I was 9. Here’s my Wednesday gift to you: Pork Invaders!

When All Else Fails…Make A Funny

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Big Spaceship Wants To Beam Up More Credit

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know much about the HBO “Voyeur” thing that won a lot of Lions last week. Seems that it involved a lot of production in all kinds of media. But apparently, an agency that worked with BBDO to produce the idea thinks it deserves more credit. From Ad Age: In […]

I’d Like My Reward Now

American Copywriter left a telling comment on Gods of Advertising. Let’s take a look: There are light and dark sides to everything. It’s good celebrate exceptional creative. But there’s no perfect way to do it. And without results attached, well, it’s really about what’s wonderful in and of itself, yes? Are scams a sin? Without […]

More Than A Toy

Fred Wilson wants to get serious and break out of the 2.0 box. I am a bit jealous of friends who are working on finding and funding alternative energy or biomedical technologies that have the potential to address the serious problems facing the world. At times it seems that helping the web become more social, […]

Invent Something (With the Materials at Hand)

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Step Up to the Drafting Table

Alan Wolk wants to be an architect, not a builder. Me too. Years ago, when I worked at the legendary Anderson & Lembke, Steve Trygg (who started the shop) was fond of saying that “an ad agency can be the contractor or it can be the architect. And you always want to be the architect.” […]

The Door To Disney

The internet is a special medium for a number of reasons. For one, it devours content. It must be fed and fed and fed. Or it just peters out. Here’s a story about it: The Walt Disney Company, concerned that its main Web site is not entertaining enough, is moving once again to overhaul […]

Twins Fans Make Decent Cubs Campaign (for Nuveen Investments)

There’s nothing new here, and no high bar to clear, but I like the Cubs and this is a well done ad (from Fallon).