Delta Gets A ‘Cue

‘Cue Confessions is a new BBQ blog written by David Bailey and sponsored by Delta’s “Sky Magazine.” [via Adages] In related news, Danny G. has been busy shooting and editing footage of BBQ expert David Gelin visiting famous Georgia smokemarks.

Newspaper Editors Also Pissed at AP

Bloggers are not the only people pissed off at Associated Press these days. According to The Wall Street Journal, a growing cadre of newspaper editors are upset with the 162-year-old newsgathering cooperative. Some newspapers have attempted to reduce their reliance on the AP. This past spring, prompted by unhappiness with the AP’s fees and reduced […]

Environmental Degradation Makes My Head Hurt

I was browsing through the TV spots archived on Adfreak’s YouTube page this morning, when I came across this spot from Environmental Defense Fund. See GetAmericaWorking for more.

McKinney Is Free At Last

You can’t put a price on freedom, unless you’re an independent agency working to free yourself from the clutches of a holding company. According to Ad Age, McKinney, the Durham, N.C.-based agency, is set to become an independent again, following a deal struck by agency management to re-acquire 100% interest from Havas, its French parent. […]

Drink Gatorade. Climb Walls.

According to Shoot, Element 79 hired director Baker Smith of harvest in Santa Monica to make this “viral video” for Gatorade. The catch is amazing, but so is the fact that Gatorade just barely makes an appearance. [via Shedwa]

Paint By Numbers Design Rules

BusinessWeek canvassed a broad range of Internet luminaries to discover the design rules they live by. 1. Thou shalt not abuse Flash. 2. Thou shalt not hide content. 3. Thou shalt not clutter. 4. Thou shalt not overuse glassy reflections. 5. Thou shalt not name your Web 2.0 company with an unnecessary surplus or dearth […]

Doctors Look To YouTube To Boost Sales

Recently, I completed a series of videos to help a friend of mine promote his book. The videos have gotten him other publicity and also garnered an uptick in book sales. Today’s New York Times reports that doctors are also using YouTube–and giving discounts to patients for an endorsement: Last year, Cynthia Goodstein was struggling […]

An “In the Box” Idea

LOWE, Bangkok found a way to do something creative with Direct. [via Ad Goodness]

See No Evil

Jane Sample and Ad Broad consider morality in the context of an ad career. Jane says: I can see how some people think we are evil. But we are not evil. The majority of the people who work in advertising are extremely intelligent and empathetic people who CARE about the world and the people in […]

Omaha Rocks

The inside back cover of Spin Magazine’s July issue profiles “Omaha—Rock City.” It’s clearly an editorial segment from Spin, but the line between lifestyle content of this sort and a paid advertisement is pretty thin. Whatever the intention, it’s a Chamber of Commerce type listing for Omaha’s music business. The feature mentions artists Simon Joyner, […]