Sharper Image To Fade Away

I don’t remember if I ever bought anything at a Sharper Image, but I won’t have much time left to do it. ‘Cause they’re going out of business: Store closing sales have just begun at all 86 Sharper Image® stores as part of a major transformation of the Sharper Image brand. Over $50 million of […]

Today In Twitterverse: Unnecessary Trademarks

Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus points out that Avenue A has no business claiming legal rights to the term “social influence marketing.” Brian Morrissey of Adweek, in response to this says, “i must TM ‘digitalia’ before someone else gets to it.”

Every Drop Is Greenwashed

In today’s installment of “Consumed,” New York Times Magazine writer Rob Walker shines a light on FIJI Water’s attempt to paint itself green. It’s not an easy task for a company that ships a heavy product in plastic containers many thousands of miles to market. “Any time you see negative stories in the press, you […]