In an animated discussion with Washington Post editors and reporters yesterday, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer offered his far-ranging views of upcoming changes in technology and the media. Here’s a slice: Q. What is your outlook for the future of media? A. In the next 10 years, the whole world of media, communications and advertising […]

Shed The Suit

Adweek has been offering a lot of guest columns of late. They’re featuring one from freelance copywriter and creative director, Jim Morris, at the moment. He argues that it’s tough being a CD today. His main point is CDs are doing their work and the work of hapless account directors. As I see my creative […]

Smokin’ Marshmallows

I’m pleased to announce that our friends at Greenville identity shop, Brains On Fire, won a Golf Effie last night for their state of South Carolina anti-tobacco efforts. Here’s a wallpaper from the RAGE AGAINST THE HAZE site: [via Spike’s tweet]

Focus On Community

According to The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post’s hyperlocal play, Loudoun Extra, has failed to attract its desired audience. One reason: the team of outsiders didn’t do enough to familiarize itself with Loudoun County or engage its 270,000 residents. This marks the first stain on Rob Curley’s resume. Curley is the newspaper industry’s nerd wonder. […]

Compromise Kills

There’s evil in our midst. An evil I, and most of my peers in this business, know all too well. Compromise is the way of the world, and totally unavoidable in many circumstances. Begrudingly, I’ve learned to accept this fact of life. But I also know what a destructive force it can become. If you […]

Steffan Postaer Gets To The Point

I thought you had to be a septuagenarian to enter anyone’s Hall of Fame. Guess not.

F-R-E-E That Spells Free Credit Report Dot Com Baby

How cathy catchy is this song?


[courtesy of Tom Fishburne]

AdPulp Too

Brad Kay and Adweek’s Brian Morrissey have been IMing. Turns out Morrissey isn’t wild about PR practitioners. I’m a reporter. If I had my druthers, I’d never deal with PR people. Nothing against them. I’m sure the vast majority are great people. PR, like the ad world, is still all about ‘impressions.’ That leads to […]

Aspiring A.D. Monetizes His Search

I recall a number of years ago a prospective student crawled into a wooden crate and had himself delivered to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Art Center didn’t appreciate the stunt, but another, less prestigious art school did. They offered the guy admission. Now, Adfreak points us to Mike Cessario, an Art Center […]