Anchors Away

According to The Wall Street Journal, square pegs don’t fit into round holes. Walt Disney Co.’s ABC News is close to scrapping the current format of its daily “World News” Webcast, an online version of the evening news anchored by Charles Gibson, which the network trumpeted as a major step into its digital future when […]

Social Media Is Counter-Intuitive And Other Neat Slides

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Minus 2.0

Hugh MacLeod can be counted on to deliver humorous material. He tends to drop it in a cartoon, but today we look at his latest list—“10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT WEB 2.0.” I’ll cherry pick a few for our purposes here: 1. Reconciling the huge gap between how interesting and important you tell your clients […]

Blogs and Candy

This script would not have been written, nor sold to a client, two years ago.

From DaVinci To Synarchy To Enfatico

WPP has yet another new name for its new agency created to handle Dell. Here’s the official press release. WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups, today announced that Project Da Vinci, the global marketing services firm being built with Dell Inc. as its first client, has a new permanent name and identity: […]

Lace Up Your Cons And Dance

According to Ad Age, Converse commissioned reclusive Strokes’ frontman, Julian Casablancas, to help celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. The home of Chuck Taylor is hoping a new song, “My Drive Thru,” featuring Mr. Casablancas, Pharrell Williams and white-hot indie songstress Santogold, can renew the century-old shoe brand’s status as the indie music scene’s footwear of […]

Ball of Brand Confusion

“Perfection of means and confusion of ends seem to characterize our age.” – Albert Einstein We are presently witnessing an unprecedented drive for perfection in the field of marketing. Each and every day a plethora of new emails, articles, case studies and blogs promise to help us optimize everything from search engine rankings and viral […]

Drink Up, Hillary

Hillary Clinton is known to knock back a cocktail or two. Now with her campaign debts to pay off, Svedka vodka is helping out: Now that she’s officially dropped out of the race, Svedka Vodka today will run a full-page ad in The New York Times offering a coupon that Clinton can redeem for a […]

West L.A. Fadeaway

Looking for a chateau Twenty one rooms but one will do I don’t want to buy it I just want to rent it for an hour or two – Hunter/Garcia Omnicom will pull creative out of the L.A. branch of BBDO West. “It’s not difficult to have a large office in L.A.,” said Andrew Robertson, […]

Make Your Own Vids. Sell Your Own Ads.

According to Ad Age, content producers and the world’s most popular video site are working together to become more successful. Professional content producers — those who come equipped with their own ad-sales teams — are now able to sell advertising on their YouTube channels. That includes the click-to-expand overlays that run across the bottoms of […]