Resist Branding at Home: Buy Household Items In Bulk, Store Them In Unbranded Containers

Not to go all Adbusters on you or anything, but I like to see people actively resisting advertising. I think it’s a healthy reaction to the onslaught of commercial messages. Debranded Home is doing its part by offering a set of generic labels printed on high-quality waterproof vinyl. Our objective is to provide you with […]

Where The Rainbow Ends

TBWA/Vancouver won a Bronze Clio for this outdoor board. While I’d love to see outdoor advertising vanish from the earth, we may as well do something fun with it until that post-apocalyptic day comes.

Ralph Steadman at High Noon in Miami Today

Jack Mello of the Clio Awards alerted me this morning to the list of winners in this, the 49th year, of said gala. As I poked around the ftp site looking at work, I encountered something unexpected–no, not a wicked print campaign, Ralph Steadman. Turns out the artist is appearing today at noon in the […]

John Jay Is Working Harder Than You

John Jay, Executive Creative Director and Partner of Wieden + Kennedy, is working harder than you. But hard work in Portland might not be what you’re thinking. Here’s an indcator, from Jay himself: …we are constantly searching for people who thrive on freedom, those with an ability and willingness to push their creative thinking into […]

Why Are You Wearing These?

[via Rob Walker, who suggested in his NYT Magazine column last year that the fact that many people hate Crocs was probably seen as a plus for those who wore Crocs (”maverick cachet,” etc.)]

Choose Your Words Carelessly

The ad industry, like most industries has a language all its own. Thankfully, we also have people like Dear Jane Sample to break it down for us. Teamwork = someone to take the blame Passion = willingness to work like a horse Self-starter = able to work without any direction whatsoever Help drive results = […]

Microsoft’s Steve Jobs?

A Billion Here, A Billion There

According to Ad Age, internet-ad revenue notched $21.2 billion in 2007, an annual growth rate of 26%. That was good enough for the medium to top radio, which was expected, but the figure also puts internet ahead of cable’s $20.9 billion take. “We’ve learned not to be surprised by the vitality and vibrancy of internet […]

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned…

Shawn Waite likes this ad for Amnesty International. So do I. click to see it bigger

This Is Not A Good Time

[via Halcyon’s Twitter stream]