Getting A Charge Out of Samsung

Drew Neisser and Jonah Bloom, like most business travelers today, need to get their charge on. Bloom describes the scene: After about half an hour of staring at the space where a plane should’ve been, we’re granted the announcement we knew was coming: The 3:30 p.m. out of LAX is now the 4:50 p.m., which […]

Don’t Rely On TV Commercials

I like this long-form anti-commercial commercial from Geico. Insurance is never once mentioned, but it works.

Your Turn To Talk

From the head of Zues Jones comes some thought provoking material regarding the web as a less than perfect storytelling medium. There’s no doubt that online advertising is generally pretty dire, but then the Web isn’t really a great medium for delivering traditional advertising. But even more importantly it’s absolutely the wrong medium if all […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 11th in a Series

The Anti-Advertising Agency has ambitious goals (and the tools to get them there). Here’s how they see things: Through long-term commercial saturation, it has become implicitly understood by the public that advertising has the right to own, occupy and control every inch of available space. The steady normalization of invasive advertising dulls the public’s perception […]

Personal Statements

Self-promotion is a big part of the ad biz. Every agency has a self-promo site and many make self-promo print ads to run in specialty publications. Then there’s the whole “make an ad for yourself” thing that happens, as ad people seek higher and higher realms. One might even argue this site is a self-promo […]

Cutwater Makes Magnetic Sunglasses and Jeans

Everyone’s writing about Cutwater’s viral video campaigns for Ray-Ban and Levi’s. I guess I better get in on it too. But first, a message from the sponsors… Added to YouTube on May 6, 2007. 3,490,589 views since. Added to YouTube on May 5, 2008. 3,291,680 views since. The vids are the work of “Benzo” Theodore, […]

My Suggestion: Dry Aged Beef

Ad blogs are becoming commodities, but today I stumbled on one that’s worth noting. It’s called Creative Beef. It’s written by an anonymous copywriter who offers insightful analysis wrapped in biting humor. Check this: 1) An ad agency is like a collection of small hostile tribes that are constantly battling each other for resources, power, […]

Take A Two Minute Sabbatical (Every Five Minutes)

[Recovering Workaholics ad via Ads of the World]

Today In Twitterverse: Harassment

Ariel Waldman has a problem with Twitter. The reality of Twitter is that they refuse to warn and/or ban people who use their service to “abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate other Twitter users” (to quote their forth line item on their TOS page). What does this mean? In short, anyone can use Twitter to […]

KFC Sticks A Dollar Bill In The Lettuce

From The Consumerist comes this story of a dollar bill that appears in the lettuce of a KFC sandwich commercial: in this spot: It’s not exactly subliminal advertising, but really, who has the inclination to do something like this? Is anybody photoshopping tits in the ice cubes, too? Have you ever done anything like this […]