Good First Impression

I’ve never heard of Toms Shoes until a couple of minutes ago. I’m sorry to say I’m not attracted to their footwear, but I love where they’re going with their give-away concept. [via Fresh Creation]

Tell The Truth

Brian Brooker, CEO & chief creative officer of Barkley, writing for Talent Zoo asks agency personnel to consider doing something radical to improve the work. Here’s a thought on how advertising could move up a few notches: Tell the truth. Tell the truth in a way that inspires rather than dulls the mind like a […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Hung By Scarf

Super sensitive conservatives are freaking out about Rachel Ray’s choice of neckwear in a Dunkin’ Donuts spot. Apparently, the scarf is like some kind of gang sign, except the gang in question is from Palestine. I wonder if this means I need to boycott falafel to prove my loyalty to the USA. I hope not. […]

Rivers Run Through It

Chicago Sun Times advertising writer, Lewis Lazare, likes him some Michigan. “Pure Michigan” is a pure delight. We’re talking, of course, about the exquisite ongoing ad campaign developed by McCann Erickson/Detroit to promote tourism in Michigan. What makes this “Pure Michigan” effort stand apart — way apart — is the stunning voice-over copy. Listening to […]

It’s Impressive, Right?

Stuart Elliott points to Coors Light’s efforts to reach beer drinkers on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. When it comes to the new media, “Everyone, particularly in offline businesses like ours, is still in a very experimental phase,” Andy England, chief marketing officer at Coors Brewing, said. “We, along with our agencies, are trying to learn […]

King of Beers Has To Contend With Former King, Among Other Challenges

The Wall Street Journal airs some laundry in their front page piece on the Busch clan of St. Louis. Ostensibly, the article is about Belgian giant InBev’s possible bid for Anheuser, but it delves deep into family history and the tensions therein. An offer by InBev would put the 43-year-old August A. Busch IV in […]

How Clueless Are We?

There’s really no way to accurately measure cluelessness in the agency business, but that hasn’t stopped Brad Nierenberg and Charlie Jones from trying. The agency universe is suffering a rapidly declining population of managers who get it. In fact, on average, we submit that only 15% of all agency people actually get it. Yes, we […]

Drop The Lingo And Make Something Great

Joseph Jaffe, author of Join the Conversation, writing in Adweek, offers some good advice. The movie Rounders contains a life lesson: “When sitting down at the poker table, look around for the sucker. If you don’t recognize the sucker, get up and leave, because the sucker is you.” Along the same lines, the next time […]

Timex Wants Us To “Return to the Outdoors”

Return to the Outdoors is a campaign from Timex, in support of the watchmaker’s Expedition brand. I don’t know if Patagonia CEO, Yvon Chouinard, wears a Timex or not, but it would be hard to find a better spokesman for the outdoors lifestyle.

Beach Reading for Brainiacs

Renny is getting his Ling on. “The continual need to be social, to greet, to interact, to converse and to carry out parting rituals obviates the need for the totemically-based rituals. We are, in effect [through mobile communications] continually recharging the symbolic value of our social links” (p.66) Amazon link: New Tech, New Ties