Looking Good In Hollywood Hair

Might you look good in Reece’s hair? According to Media Week millions of women are answering that question, and others like it, at InStyle. The magainze’s “Hollywood Hair Application” has caught on. Users have uploaded 1.7 million of their personal photos to the application, which let’s them see what they might look like with popular […]

A Classic Case Of Non User-Centric Design

Last week, Microsoft reported a 24% decline in Windows sales in the third quarter. According to USA Today, Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system, is getting hammered in the press and corporate buyers are refusing to upgrade from XP. Hence, the poor numbers. Microsoft rebuilt Windows from scratch to create Vista, which has a dazzling interface […]

Arnold’s Non-Metaphorical Media Lab

What’s Arnold’s Chief Creative Officer, Pete Favat, up to? Last year the agency hired cognitive scientist Dr. Lisa Haverty to run an intuition analytics department. Now, the agency has announced a research and development lab tasked with creating new media channels. “I think…I’m creating jobs I want to live vicariously though,” Favat told Creativity. “I […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Do You Want To Be My Friend?

[Idiots of Ants comedy sketch via WSJ’s Buzzwatch]