Yet Another Facebook Story: Sliding To Success

The Wall Street Journal has an article this morning about banner blindness on soc nets and steps companies are taking to be seen in these environments. One example I took note of was Slide’s Facebook “Top Friends” campaign. Slide, which sells programs that people can use to decorate their pages on sites such as Facebook, […]

Life Imitates Idiocracy

In today’s New York Times Magazine, “Consumed” columnist Rob Walker takes a look at the real-life marketing of Brawndo, which was made up for the movie “Idiocracy.” This happened not because of a movie-studio marketing brainstorm. It happened because of an “Idiocracy” fan in Oakland named Pete Hottelet. A graphic designer with very particular pop-culture […]

Microsoft Might Have To Grow Its Own

Microsoft badly wants a piece of the online services and advertising action, estimated to be worth $80 billion a year by 2010. But not bad enough to pay $35 a share for Yahoo. Microsoft’s bid to acquire Yahoo ended yesterday at 4:00 p.m. in a letter from Steve Balmer to Jerry Yang. “I still believe, […]

Say, Can I Have Some Purple Berries? Yes, I’ve Been Eating Them For Six Or Seven Weeks Now. Probably Keep Us Both Alive.

Earlier this week Kraft – which makes its namesake cheese singles, Philadelphia cream cheese and Oscar Mayer meats – posted a 13% drop in first- quarter net income amid surging costs for dairy, wheat and other commodities. According to Dow Jones, food manufacturers like Kraft Foods are blaming ethanol producers for cost increases. Kraft’s Chief […]

Advertising Scandinavian Aesthetics

I’ve been looking at lifeiscarbon, from ad man Nicholas McLean, for a few weeks now. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on there, but this post helps spell it out. For less regular readers of lifeiscarbon® or those who may be new to the website, we thought it worth quickly restating what we do […]

got Something Original?

I don’t know about you, but I have some clients that love to put trademarks, copyrights, and service marks on anything they can. It’s obnoxious. So I had to laugh when I saw this press release: ‘got House?®’ Launches New Real Estate Advertising Network Website The “got House?®” Real Estate Network offers a new forum […]

Today In Twitterverse: A House That Tweets

Andy Stanford-Clark is a master inventor at IBM. His house, which sends automated messages regarding its energy use to Twitter, is located in Isle of Wight, UK. [via Earth2Tech]

$12 Mil. And Six Years of Legal Fees Later…

I’m a creative. Accounting might as well be rocket science, because that’s about how familiar I am with it. You’d never see me succeeding in an accounting degree program. Despite this personal inadequacy, I bring you this from Ad Age, a story on accounting practices gone wrong at McCann. Interpublic Group of Cos. and its global agency […]

California Is Another World

Rolling Stone has an in-depth interview with Dr. Larry Brilliant, the man running Google DotOrg, the philanthropic arm of the search giant. DotOrg is not just another corporate philanthropy — it’s a bold experiment in philanthropy itself. Its uniqueness begins with its structure. Unlike most foundations, DotOrg has no endowment in the traditional sense and […]

Unilever Moves To Preserve Dove’s Image

According to The Wall Street Journal, both activists and the corporations they rail against are moving at internet speed. Just last week we took note of the Greenpeace campaign against Unilever, a company they accused of Indonesian deforestation. Speaking at a climate change conference in London Thursday, Unilever Chief Executive Patrick Cescau said his firm […]