Talk Value

Eighty percent of the world’s population has access to a mobile communications network, but only half the people have a mobile phone. That kind of opportunity–literally billions of potential customers–has big business on the move. Everyone from product designers to marketers to academics are working to advance the cause of global connectivity. The fact of […]

Not Digging “Dig The Digs”

Bill Green wants to hit something. This is why: So another brand–Century 21 this time–is jumping on the consumer generated content promotion bandwagon. Is that really reason enough to hit something? Before you answer, consider that the contest is void in several states, one’s home has to be listed with Century 21 (duh!) and one’s […]

Take Your Rice Beer And Go Home

A microbrewer, like a small scale wine producer, creates passion around its product and, by extension, its brand. By forgoing the mass market, the microbrand actually can have a meaningful dialogue with its base (something big brands desperately want right now). Here’s an example of the kind of “talk” that perfectly presents a brand’s value […]

Drive One, You’ll Like It

According to Adweek, Ford management has asked its 750,000-person network of employees, retirees and dealers to talk to friends and family about the quality and features of Ford vehicles. The new marketing initiatve created by JWT/Wunderman, known as Drive One is also supported online, in print and on TV. “The whole idea behind this campaign […]

Today In Twitterverse: Finding Work for the Wicked Funny

Ana Marie Cox–Washington Editor of, founding editor of Wonkette and the author of the novel Dog Days–is on the loose again.

Today In Twitterverse: Free Shoes

Zappos currently stocks more than 3 million shoes, handbags, clothing items and accessories from over 1,100 brands. [via Armano]

But Will It Play In Peoria?

According to The Hollywood Reporter and Ad Age, “Gossip Girl,” despite lackluster ratings, is still the flagship program of The CW and a program worth pimping (and I use that word intentionally). “We wanted to create a provocative campaign that stands out from the competition and reminds viewers of some of the ‘OMG’ moments that […]

Winner of “The Best Copy I’ve Seen In An Ad Today” Contest

Congrats to Bryan Judkins, ACD/Copywriter of Young & Laramore. [via 10ad]

Life Happens Over Coffee

I snapped this pic this morning at my local Starbucks. I need to go back and study it, because now I realize that the smudged chalkboard look and feel is a neat way to say “LOCAL,” even though a chain with thousands of stores can hardly claim to be a local institution. At any rate, […]

Fishing Where There Are Fish

Community? Check. Dialogue? Check. Expert advice? Check. Personalization and customization? Check. In a move that combines the power of two well known consumer brands, and benefits from the latest interactive thinking,, debuts today. The new digital channel is the re-launch of, providing what Unilever describes as “a unified worldwide digital presence designed to […]