No Face-To-Face, No Community.

Spike Jones is on the box. Ninety-two percent of word of mouth happens offline (so says Keller Fay Group). 92%! And that’s not going to change. Working from that factual place, Spike’s premise is a brand has to have an offline, real world dimension to any community building efforts it undertakes. Why is it the […]

Today In Twitterverse: Debating Jaffeisms

Paul Isakson is a planner working in Minneapolis. His tweet is in response to Joseph Jaffe’s talk last night at the Fine Line. For the record, Steve Hall sees social media and conversational marketing as “two entirely different things.”

Robbins Steps On Broadcasters’ Toes Necks

“This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it is just lights and wires in a box.” –Edward R. Murrow in 1958 Members of the National Association of Broadcasters are […]

There’s One For You, Nineteen For Me

It’s taxes due day in America and the perfect time to look at consumer spending and the retail segment of our economy. From today’s New York Times: The consumer spending slump and tightening credit markets are unleashing a widening wave of bankruptcies in American retailing, prompting thousands of store closings that are expected to remake […]

Chocolate Better Than Blogs

BlogHer released the BlogHer/Compass Partners 2008 Social Media Benchmark Study today, which reveals new insights into the power of the blogosphere and the significant role it plays in the lives of U.S. women. Women are so passionate about blogging that large percentages of women said they would give something up to keep the blogs they […]

Letting Design And Designers Lead The Way

Paul Isakson, Senior Strategic Planner at space150, wants ad peeps to start thinking like designers, not like ad peeps. As an industry, we have to stop thinking about things like traditional advertising people. We need to start thinking about things like designers, engineers, architects and the like. We need to think about the action we […]

Where The Talent Is

Bob Greenberg, CEO of R/GA told Adweek why his agency is opening an office in San Francisco. “We opened in San Francisco not based on business but based on talent,” he said. “Talent is the biggest issue facing agencies today. It’s the biggest open creative and technology talent pool other than New York.” “It’s not […]

Ad Age Summons Bloggers To The Table

Advertising Age Editor Jonah Bloom recently led a roundtable discussion with some prominent marketing bloggers. Contributors included Power 150 founder Todd Andrlik of Toddand; Paul McEnany of Hee Haw Marketing; Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand; David Armano of Logic & Emotion; Matt Dickman of Technomarketer; Daryl Ohrt of Brand Flakes for Breakfast; Ann Handley […]

Beijing Olympics Not A Good Ad Buy Domestically

China’s recent crackdown on violent clashes in Tibet and its imprisonment of human-rights activists has spurred world-wide demonstrations and has turned its elaborate plans for a globe-girdling Olympic torch relay into a show of dissent. According to The Wall Street Journal, despite the criticism, it appears that most sponsors have made the decision to refrain […]

Green Washing Storm Brewing Inside Sierra Club

Once upon a time I helped to orchestrate a deal between Calistoga Mineral Water and American Rivers, where I worked on the development team. So, I know firsthand what it means to bring corporate dollars to an environmental group. The basic premise is tread carefully, so as not to upset the dues-paying grassroots members of […]