There’s Wacked and Then There’s Super Wacked Mixed Metaphors

Captured today on Victory Drive in Savannah, GA Do me a favor, when you see this kind of craziness, snap a pic and send it in. The insanity must be documented!

Rare Coinage

Can you get rich working in advertising? The answer is yes, if you start a company and someday sell it for millions. Of course, there is another answer—ascend to the top of a big time holding company and make millions each and every year. According to Media Daily News, Michael J. Roth, Interpublic’s chairman of […]

MySpace Makes It Easy

MySpace is introducing a tool that allows advertisers to directly manage their branded profiles on the nation’s most popular social site. According to Ad Age, this is a vast change from the tightly controlled, often laborious process brands previously had to endure to have a presence on the social network. It’s also a reaction, MySpace […]

Which Niche Are You Servicing?

JWT Intelligence offers reports on a variety of topics important to marketers. Their latest trendletter, Nichification, not to be confused with Californication, is on sale now for $250. Here’s a bit on the concept: Selling to the masses has been a cornerstone of capitalism since Sears sent out its first catalogue and Wannamaker opened his […]

Journey to the Deepest Reaches of Internet Land

According to The New York Times marketers are looking increasingly to ad networks, which sell display advertising across groups of Web sites. Some networks offer targeted advertising; others, called vertical ad networks, include sites that focus on one subject, like travel or sports. Imran Khan, an Internet analyst at JPMorgan Chase, estimates the top 20 […]

The Guise of Objectivity Is Bad for Business

The newspaper business is hurting. But an answer to their pain could be right under their editors’ noses. Look at this passage from Forbes: More than 15 years into the Web revolution, many papers remain hampered by insufficient communication between the editors and writers generating content and those on the business side charged with selling […]

Today In Twitterverse: Viral Expansion Loops

Jackie Huba is a word of mouth marketing specialist and one half of Church of the Customer. Here’s the Fast Company article she references. Andrew Chen, a blogger and former advertising executive who worked with MySpace, calls a viral loop the “most advanced direct-marketing strategy being developed in the world right now.” It’s an interesting […]

It’s 2008, Put Your Reel On YouTube

Random Culture is pointing to interactive agencies with reels. The following reel is from Reflex Group. Interactive or no, I like an agency willing to share on YouTube. Who wants to ask to see a reel anymore? Googling for it is the natural state of things today.

Blogs Mean Business

Ad Age is running two articles about blogs stepping out of their pajamas and into neatly tailored suits. One piece is about John Battelle’s Federated Media announcing a $50 million minority investment from Oak Investment Partners. Federated Media aggregates and packages popular blog content for marketers. The company is thought to be worth as much […]

Every Brand Needs A Hero

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Element 79 is on the ropes after seeing its biggest accounts–PepsiCo’s Gatorade and Tropicana–walk out the door. PepsiCo has been dissatisfied with Element 79’s recent creative work, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company is shifting its Gatorade business to a sister Omnicom agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, […]