Yet Another Facebook Story: Burn Alter Ego’izzle

Our friend, Catharine P. Taylor, wants the virtual you to go clubbing and then report back in the morning. Check that. Coca-Cola wants you to do so. Catharine P. Taylor wants to report on the action, or lack thereof. image courtesy of Mashable Here’s what she’s saying so far: …if you believe that one thing […]

The Press Gets To Vent

Think you’re having a rough time of it in the ad biz? Well, you might feel better by peeking at According to the awesome journalists at The website was created by a former journalist who cut short his young career in the news business to work in political communications in Illinois. But he […]

Hyundai Goes In Reverse

Here’s an interesting note from Adweek: Hyundai Motor America last week assigned former national lead agency The Richards Group a “mini-campaign” for next fall through its Eastern regional dealers association, said Joel Ewanick, vp, marketing. “I saw something we liked,” said Ewanick, who declined to disclose spending on the campaign. “It suits our strategic and […]

Hollywood Success In The Script For Coveny And Baldwin

Move over “Mad Men.” There’s a new advertising agency-based TV show in town. Variety and Gods of Advertising are both reporting that “Truth In Advertising,” a show set in Chicago and written by former Leo Burnett employees, has been greenlighted by TNT. Steffan Postaer says, “A few years ago, one of my best friends, John […]

The Path to Priceless

Joyce King Thomas, the chief creative officer at McCann Erickson Worldwide’s flagship agency in New York had humble beginnings in this business–an encouraging fact for those who didn’t go from Portfolio Center straight to Wieden + Kennedy. According to Career Journal: First Post-College Job: I was offered two. One was working for Caterpillar as a […]

Are You Copying Me?

Atlanta’s Fletcher Martin has made a new spot to support Arby’s “Doublers.” It reminds me of Tide’s talking stain spot, although that spot is more unexpected.

Today In Twitterverse: Opposing Arguments

I appreciate that Misha Cornes of Organic has stuck his neck out by declaring that he’s “over Twitter.” Her reasoning is sound: Most people are not that interesting. There, I said it. Overall, the culture of self-promotion embedded in most social media applications bothers me. I know that listening to “life between blogs post and […]


Tribune Company, the largest employee-owned media company in the nation, today announced it has changed its name to ZellCoMediaEnterprises Inc. or ZCMEINC. Zell, who made a fortune in real estate before deciding he’d like to dabble in an industry completely unfamiliar to him, announced the change in his record-setting 437th email to exhausted employees this […]

Let’s Run This Place on Fry Grease

Gas prices are out of hand and there’s no ceiling in sight. We’ll be looking at $4.00/gallon and up before GWB and his oil men buddies depart Washington next January. The Washington Post has more… “On April Fool’s Day, the biggest joke of all is being played on American families by Big Oil,” said Rep. […]

Woody Violated By Dov Charney

According to The Wall Street Journal, Woody Allen filed a lawsuit Monday seeking more than $10 million from clothier American Apparel Inc. over unauthorized billboard and online advertisements featuring the actor and director dressed as a rabbi. image courtesy of Curbed The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, alleges the Los Angeles clothing […]