Ev On “Ambient Awareness” and Other Matters

Fast Company interviewed Evan Williams, a.k.a. “Ev” about Twitter. Here are a few highlights: Q. Am I admitting my age if I ask why anyone would want to be that connected? A. I don’t think it has anything to do with age. That’s the most common response from everybody: Why would I want to use […]

Goodyear Needs To Fix A Leak In Their Image

I’m not a NASCAR fan, but apparently, Goodyear makes all the tires that the drivers use, and of course, in the world of car buffs, that’s a huge coup. Unless the drivers bitch about the tires. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: On Monday, Goodyear was peddling a feel-good story: “Goodyear tops Fortune magazine’s most-admired list.” But […]

Halcyon Loves To Share

If you’d like a free sticker, send a standard-sized self addressed stamped envelope to: Hug Nation PO Box 264 Solana Beach CA 92075

When You Make A Living From Your Site, Fans Are Also Customers

I attended a SXSWi panel with a dubious title yesterday, “Online Adulation: Use Don’t Abuse Your Fans.” Look at those verbs. “Use.” “Abuse.” Not good. There was one true blogebrity on the panel and sadly she conveyed, perhaps unintentionally, what a hassle it is to be so popular. I don’t doubt for a second that […]

Content Is Still King

According to the Online Publishers Association’s Internet Activity Index, 42.7% of consumer time online is spent with content sites, 28.6% is with communication sites, 16.1% with commerce sites and 5% on search sites. The OPA describes content sites as those designed primarily to provide news, information and entertainment. Examples of those included in this segment […]

Here Comes Hulu

Tomorrow marks the official launch of Hulu, which is the latest move to provide full-length TV shows and movies via the Web. And it has some big names behind it: Hulu, the online video joint venture of News Corp and General Electric’s NBC Universal, will make its public debut on Wednesday with programming from Time […]

Virals Are So 2007

Increasingly, branded utility is the big topic of the day. Brian Morrissey of Adweek is on it and so are members of the digerati. Here’s what Jeff Benjamin, interactive cd at Crispin has to say: Rather than craft a one-off Web site, advertisers want to build brand loyalty by providing utilities that both improve people’s […]


Since Steve Hall is busy attending panels and such at South By, I thought I’d offer up a post in his honor. In PETA’s latest bid to arouse interest in the many sexy alternatives to leather, adult film icon Jenna Jameson — donning a black wig and pleather bikini — evokes screen siren Bettie Page […]

L.C. in da House

Lindsay Campbell, formerly of Wallstrip, has been charging around Austin this week with her camera crew in tow. Her goal? To better understand the mind of an SXSW attendee. Her new show, which is backed by CBS, is called Moblogic. It’s a news, culture and politics program.

Bands On The Run

I’m in Austin this week and so are 1500 bands, a great majority of whom hope to be discovered by fans and by industry insiders who can help further their musical careers. Given that preoccupation, I found it interesting that Ad Age is running a feature on music licensing opportunities. According to 2006 Enders Analysis […]