AOL’s Seven Dwarfs

The Wall Street Journal is shining some light on AOL’s efforts to integrate with the other ad-technology firms they recently purchased, all of which have different areas of expertise, from behavioral targeting to video ads. AOL’s future largely hinges on the success of that transformation, which involves aggressively slashing costs, forsaking billions of dollars […]

What Gandhi Can Teach Us About Advertising

That’s a headline you don’t see every day. From MyNews in India: Most people picture Mahatma Gandhi as some gentle, fragile man who people followed because he was just so peaceful. Gandhi wasn’t an idle peacenik; he was a perceptive communicator who would have been right at home in today’s ad industry. But the truth […]

The Ad Biz Loses A Legend–And A Legendary Voice

From Ad Age: Hal Riney, the legendary adman whose work influenced presidential campaigns and whose vision helped shape auto marketing and many other aspects of the business, died yesterday of cancer. He was 75. During his career of almost 50 years, Mr. Riney developed advertising around the notion that understatement sold better than overstatement, and […]

Just Add Water

St. Paul-based copywriter, Craig McNamara, wrote to say he’s linking to us. Link share requests don’t interest me much, but McNamara is posting about this classic Betty Crocker ad and I can’t argue with that.

Social Media: The Disruptive Child

BusinessWeek took an interest in Clay Shirky’s new book about what happens when people are given the tools to do things together, without needing traditional organizational structures. In his book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, author and NYU faculty member Clay Shirky describes the profound impact of social technological tools on […]

The Good Client And The Bad Client

Over at Small Agency Diary, Phil Johnson of PJA Advertising & Marketing tackles the topic of why good clients are good and bad clients are bad. I’ve always heard agency people complain about clients who treat them badly. My attitude has been “Why should we get special treatment?” Have you ever watched a tenure battle […]

Say Again?

Chrysler doesn’t just make cars. ChryslerListens. According to Ad Age, Chrysler also reframed the focus group, presumably while listening, calling it “on-demand customer collaboration” instead. Bold moves.

Red Bull to Expand Into Cola Market

Not content to rest on their laurels, Red Bull appears ready to jump into the cola wars, a reader passed along a photo of a tri-fold brochure on the product: On the reverse, a list of ingredients: Coca Leaf Kola Nut Lemon/Lime Clove Cinnamon Cardamon Pine Corn Mint Galangal Vanilla Ginger Mace Cacao Licorice Orange […]

Rockin’ Some Hoodies

The New York Times wants us to know how tapped into the culture Scion, and their agency, is. Toyota will let Scion owners design their own personal “coat of arms” online. In making their personalized crests, Scion owners can choose from among hundreds of symbols, all designed by a professional graffiti artist. The symbols range […]

New Jersey Goes All Warm And Fuzzy

I’ve worked on tourism accounts, and I know it’s not easy. You have to satisfy lots of different audiences, not the least of which are the politicians ponying up the cash for the campaign. So there’s often a montage of footage that tries to avoid preconceived notions. Today, New Jersey launches a new campaign with […]