Laugh At Thyself (Or Be Laughed At)

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Less Is More

Media entrepreneur, Om Malik, had a heart attack three months ago. Since then, he’s quit smoking, consumed less meat and started an exercise routine. He’s also retooling how he works. Simplification Through Elimination I was reading a review of the Macbook Air over on Macworld when I realized that the machine and post-recovery me have […]

Spirit Goes For The Kinky Demographic

Where do you go after you hold a M.I.L.F. sale? Well, if you’re Spirit Airlines, here’s the next one: Having worked on more than my share of retail clients who are absolutely lifeless and humorless when it comes to sales and promotions, I dig this approach. (Thanks to The Consumerist for calling this to my […]

Social Media White FrogPaper

[Editor’s Note] This text was provided to us by StrawberryFrog. I haven’t changed it or added my thoughts. Although, I imagine I will do so in the comments here, as I hope you will. Prepared by Chip Walker, Ilana Bryant and Scott Goodson of StrawberryFrog 1. AN INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL MEDIA AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING […]

Ford Recommends BP

Ad creep comes to rental cars.

Tell A Great Story. It’s Really That Simple.

Global Director of Digital Strategies at Wieden + Kennedy, Renny Gleeson, has some important things to say about our business. He’s not the first to say them, nor will he be the last. Be that as it may, it pays to linger on some of his main points published in Creativity. A lot of agencies […]

When Everyone Is “The Media” You’re Perpetually Exposed

Laughing Squid is liking this video from Gary Vaynerchuk. How about you? Do you buy that communications technology can and will work wonders for the forces for good, while exposing the evil-minded for the cretin that they are? I like the concept. But it seems like a bit of a reach.

Everyone’s An Art Director These Days

The maker of the popular photo-editing software Photoshop on Thursday launched a basic version available for free online. San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe Systems Inc. says it hopes to boost its name recognition among a new generation of consumers who edit, store and share photos online. Photoshop Express will be completely Web-based so consumers can use […]

Push Button Cantonese for Rugby Fans

Hong Kong Sevens is a major rugby tournament coming up at the end of this month. The event is expected to draw 20,000 foreign visitors to Hong Kong. Guinness wants make sure these visitors find their way to a local pub, so they’ve developed a mobile application, “Passport to Greatness,” to facilitate this action. The […]

Can A Chip Be An Accidental Revolutionary?

Will you choose SunChips because they’re made with solar power? The Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo certainly hopes so. According to The New York Times, a 10-acre “farm” of solar collectors is being installed at the Modesto, Calif. plant, to provide up to 75 percent of the energy needed to produce the product. The plant, one […]